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Benefits of Becoming
a KENO Retailer

A Win For Your Customers


Your customers will love KENO. It's fun, fast paced, and there are lots of ways to win. You'll not only win over existing customers, but attract new ones, as well.

How to Play KENO from the CT Lottery

The Lottery system was very easy for myself and my staff to learn.

Sue Kelly, Owner

Kelly’s on Campbell, West Haven

A Win For Your Business

KENO Bars, restaurants and fraternal organizations have seen an increase in their food and beverage sales, as well as tips, as customers are more engaged and entertained during their visit - they stay longer - purchase more.  We encourage bars, restaurants, and fraternal organizations to request customers place wagers with Lottery provided play slips.  Play slips significantly reduce the interaction time for your bartenders and wait staff.



My Customers love KENO! My regulars play and I’ve noticed a lot of new customers also coming to play. It’s been a real asset for my business, and I’ve seen an increase in my food and beverage sales.

Dave Barone, Owner

Barone’s Sports Café, Seymour

Why Become a KENO Retailer?

  • Earn 5% commission on every ticket you sell, and receive an extra 1% commission on every ticket you cash.
  • Sell a winning ticket over $10,000 and receive a 1% bonus commission - up to $100,000.
  • Every week you will receive commissions and be reimbursed for any cash payouts.    
  • Top KENO locations in Connecticut earn up to $1,500 in monthly commissions. 


  • Are there any costs for installation or equipment?   NO      
  • Are there any weekly, monthly, or yearly fees associated with KENO?   NO
  • Are there any application or licensing fees?   NO
  • Are there any long-term commitments required for KENO?   NO
  • Are scratch ticket sales mandatory?   NO
  • Will offering KENO affect my fraternal organization's non-profit status?   NO



Our customers really enjoy KENO, in particular our regulars. I enjoy interacting with the customers, and I really enjoy the extra tips.

Michelle Loiler, Bartender

Roma Pizza & Restaurant, Middletown

Start Winning Today, Become a KENO Retailer!

Increase your core business and profits with the fun and excitement of KENO today.  Simply fill out the
Retailer Application or call 1-866-428-5366 for more information or help with the application process.

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