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Why Sell Lottery

$74,000,000 IN FISCAL YEAR 2O19!
(JULY 1, 2O18 - JUNE 3O, 2O19)*

*fiscal year figures unaudited as of July 2019

Lottery Products can bring you new business and increase profits by:

  • Adding to impulse purchases.
  • Building loyalty for buying and cashing tickets at your location.
  • Boosting sales for your full line of products.

Sell a Lottery ticket, earn:

  • 5% Sales Commission on every $1 in Lottery sales (paid weekly).
  • 1% of the prize value for every prize winning ticket you cash (e.g. Cash a $500 prize ticket = $5 in cashing commission for you!).
  • Selling Bonuses, up to $100,000! Selling Bonuses vary by game and prize level.
  • Credits earned on Weekly Invoice during Retailer sales opportunity events.
  • Adjustment credits earned off your weekly invoice during Retailer sales incentives.

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