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Official Procedures

General Information

A. Definitions  

1. "Lottery" means the Connecticut Lottery Corporation of the State of Connecticut, established by Connecticut Public Act 96-212; or the Lottery's duly authorized representative.

2. "President" means the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Lottery or any other person to whom that authority is lawfully delegated.

3. "Pack" means fanfolded tickets bearing a common Pack Number, in quantities as designated by the Lottery.

4. "Game Pack Ticket Numbering and Validation Bar Code Data" means a series of digits in a numeric bar code in the Interleaved Two-of-Five format (2 of 5). It is imaged in ink on the back of the ticket. A human readable translation of a specified quantity of those digits is printed immediately below that area. The data is grouped as follows: digits representing the Game Number, followed by a hyphen (-); then, digits representing the Pack number, also followed by a hyphen; and finally, digits representing the ticket sequence number.

5. "Validation Number" means a series of digits in a numeric code printed on the front of the ticket. It is covered by scratch-off coating. The Validation Number is imaged in ink and includes a human readable "check digit". It is used to verify winning tickets.

6. "Check Digit" means a single computable numeric digit located within the bar code data and within the numeric code used for manual verification.

7. "Qualified Person" means an individual who is eighteen (18) years of age or older. Persons under the age of 18 are prohibited from ticket purchases, but may receive tickets as gifts.

B. Prizes

No portion of the display printing nor any extraneous matter whatsoever shall be playable as part of the instant game.  

C. Claiming of Instant Cash Prizes on Winning Tickets

Any instant cash prizes on winning tickets of less than $600 can be claimed at and paid by any Lottery Retailer or at Lottery Headquarters. Instant cash prizes of $600 to $5,000 (inclusive) will be payable only at Lottery Headquarters or at Claim Centers designated by the Lottery. Instant cash prizes above $5,000 are payable only at Lottery Headquarters.  Instant cash prizes of $50,000 or more are payable only in person at Lottery Headquarters.

D. Second Chance Drawings; Promotions

Some games may feature an opportunity for players to participate in a Second Chance Drawing. Such drawings and the redemption of prizes won in the drawings shall be conducted in accordance with Second Chance Drawing Procedures and Rules approved by the Department of Consumer Protection.  Second Chance Drawings may be conducted in Connecticut or out of state with live video streaming. Age restrictions apply; see Second Chance Drawing Procedures and Rules for details.    To promote various lottery games, an instant ticket may feature another lottery ticket as a prize (the “Promotional Ticket”).  The Promotional Ticket shall be governed by the Official Game  Rules.  The ticket won will be subject to applicable Federal and State law, Regulations and the Lottery Rules of Operation.  Certain restrictions may apply.     

E. Bearer Instruments;

Claim Period  Lottery tickets are bearer instruments. Winning tickets must be validated within 180 days from announced end of game.   

F. Check Digit Calculation 

An algorithm will be used in the computation of the check digit. The algorithm will be supplied to the instant ticket printer by the Lottery.    


A. Play Symbols To be a winner in a CT Lottery Instant Game all of the following conditions must be met:

1. The correct number of Symbols and Symbol Captions must appear beneath the scratch-off coating covered portions of the ticket.

2. Each Symbol and each Symbol Caption must be present in entirety and be legible. Each Symbol must agree with its caption.

3. The ticket must be intact.

4. All of the additional conditions in Part "B" of this section must be met.

B. Ticket and Control Data

In addition to all requirements of Part "A" above, Connecticut Lottery Instant Game winning tickets must comply with all of the following conditions: 

1. The ticket must be printed on recyclable paper stock which is biodegradable and offers 100% recyclability.

2. The Validation Number on the front of the ticket and the Game Pack Ticket Numbering on the back of the ticket must be present in entirety and be legible. Using the Lottery's codes, all data shall correspond correctly to the Symbols.

3. The ticket must not be mutilated, altered, unreadable, reconstituted, or tampered with in any manner.

4. The ticket must not be counterfeit in whole or in part.

5. Game Pack Ticket Numbering and Validation data must be imaged in ink.

6. The pack or individual ticket must have been issued by the Lottery to an official Lottery Retailer in the authorized manner.

7. The pack or individual ticket must not have been stolen, nor appear on any list of "omitted packs" on file at the Lottery.

8. All game play and validation data must be right-side-up and not reversed in any manner.

9. The ticket must be complete and not mis-cut and have the correct quantity of Symbols and corresponding data.

10. The Game Pack Ticket Numbering and Validation data of an apparent winning ticket must appear on the Lottery's official list of Game Pack Ticket Numbers and Validation data and a ticket with that Game Pack Ticket Number and Validation data must not have been previously paid.

11. The prize amount payable on an apparent winning ticket must be identical to the corresponding prize amount that appears in the approved Prize Structure.

12. The ticket must not be blank or partially blank, mis-registered, defective, or printed or produced in error.

13. Each of the Play Symbols and Play Symbol Captions must be exactly as specified.

14. Each of the Symbols must be imaged in ink and must correspond precisely with the artwork on file at the Lottery. The Game Pack Ticket Number and Validation Number must be imaged as specified and must correspond precisely with the artwork on file at the Lottery. Each of the captions must be imaged as specified and must correspond precisely with the artwork on file at the Lottery.

15. The display printing must be regular in every respect and must correspond precisely with the artwork on file at the Lottery.

16. The ticket must pass all additional confidential validation tests of the Lottery.

17. Any ticket not passing all of the validation checks in this section and in Section "A" is void and ineligible for any prize, and will not be paid.

Prizes Payable for Life

This section applies only to the first, top or grand prizes (the "Top Prize") in games with prizes designated as payable for life.  The measuring life of a Top Prize winner used to determine the duration over which the Top Prize is paid shall be the natural life of the individual determined by the Lottery to be a Top Prize winner.  If the Top Prize is being claimed by more than one natural person or by a legal entity, the measuring life for a Top Prize winner shall be twenty (20) years.  Payment options shall be stated on the ticket.


A. Disputes

In the event a dispute between the Lottery and the ticket bearer occurs as to whether the ticket is a winning ticket, and if the ticket prize is not paid, the President may solely at the President's option, reimburse the ticket bearer the purchase price of the ticket. This shall be the sole and exclusive remedy to the bearer of the ticket.

B. Governing Law

In purchasing a ticket, the customer agrees to comply with and abide by the State law and all rules, regulations, and final decisions of the Lottery and all procedures established by the President for the conduct of the game.

C. Purchase and Prize Restrictions

No instant game prize shall be paid to an officer or employee of any contractor or subcontractor who is involved in the production, promotion, or processing of instant game programs or to any officer or employee of the Connecticut Lottery Corporation. This restriction also applies to any spouse, domestic partner, child, brother, sister, or parent residing as a member of the same household of the officer or employee.

D. Termination of a Game

The President at any time may announce an end date for any instant game, after which time no further tickets from that game will be distributed by the Lottery.

E. Lottery Retailer Conduct

1. Lottery Retailers must sell their tickets in sequential order.

2. Lottery Retailers are prohibited from exchanging packs with other Lottery Retailers.

3. Lottery Retailers are prohibited from dispensing the tickets using any method other than fair chance; or any method that is contrary to the principle that every ticket has an equal and random chance of winning; or which is or may be considered illegal or improper in any respect.

4. Lottery Retailers shall not place their names on the back of the tickets redeemed by customers.

5. Lottery Retailers are prohibited from tampering with tickets in any manner.

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