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$100,000 CA$HWORD

GAME #1025
$100,000 CA$HWORD image
Game Start:
Ticket Price:$10
Top Prize:$100,000
Game End:
Last Day To Redeem:
Total # of Tickets:2,000,000
Overall Odds:1 in 3.21
Game Status:Ended


Scratch the "YOUR LETTERS" box to reveal your 18 letters. Scratch the corresponding letters on BOTH CASHWORD PUZZLES. If you uncover 4 or more complete words across both CASHWORD puzzles (excluding the BONUS WORD), win the corresponding prize found in the PRIZE KEY. Only the highest corresponding prize can be won.

MULTIPLIER: Reveal a multiplier number and multiply your TOTAL winning prize amount by that number.

BONUS WORD: Completely uncover the BONUS WORD using "YOUR LETTERS", win the prize in the PRIZE box.


Prize AmountTotal PrizesUnclaimed Prizes
Probability based on number of tickets available for a game rather than on individual purchases.

Scratch Games FAQs

Scratch game tickets must be claimed within 180 calendar days from the official announced end of game date.  Select a game listed in the SCRATCH section of our website and it will tell you if a game end date has been established. Click here for the SCRATCH GAMES TABLE.   (Please note, if a Scratch game has ended, and is past the last day to claim a winning ticket, the game will no longer appear among the games listed on this website.)

You can find this information on our website in the SCRATCH game section, or you can ask any CT Lottery Retailer for a "Remaining Top Prizes" terminal report.

The odds of winning Scratch games vary.  If the odds of winning a game are 1 in 4, that doesn't mean that every fourth ticket purchased will be a winner.  Overall odds are based on the entire quantity of tickets printed for the specific game indicated.  The odds are calculated by taking the total number of tickets printed, divided by the number of winning tickets. The winning tickets are randomly distributed, therefore it is possible to purchase several tickets without having a winning ticket, just as it is possible to have multiple winning tickets in a row.

Overall odds simply tells players their average chance of having a winning ticket.  For example, if a game has odds of 1 in 4, that means for all of the tickets in the entire game, there will be one winning ticket per every four tickets. However, because prizes are distributed randomly throughout the entire game, it does not mean that there will be a winning ticket every 4th ticket.
Scratch tickets are produced and distributed using a completely random, double-blind system.  First, the ticket vendor (printer) randomly scatters prizes throughout the game's entire print run using a random number generation system. No one, not the Lottery or even the ticket vendor, knows where the winning tickets are placed or when wins will occur.  Next, tickets are shipped to our warehouses in packs for distribution.  Ticket packs are pulled from inventory at random, and shipped to Retailers at random, as ordered.
The reason it seems as though some locations have more winners is simply a matter of luck and sales.  If, for example, more tickets are purchased in Fairfield County it would follow that more total winners would be located in Fairfield County.  And those Retailers who sell a lot of tickets will have a greater likelihood of getting a pack with a winner in it - just because they sell that many more tickets and have to replenish their inventory more often with new ticket packs.
For game security and integrity, the CT Lottery is prohibited from researching requests from the public as to where specific active Scratch ticket books are located within the Retailer network.  This is to ensure a fair and equal chance of winning for all who play our Scratch games.
From time to time, the CT Lottery offers Scratch games with a 2nd Chance Drawing opportunity.  To see a list of those games, please visit the 2ND CHANCE DRAWINGS section on our website.
The cash option is a one-time, lump-sum payment that winners may choose instead of receiving their winnings in a designated number of annual, monthly or weekly payments.
The decision to end a Scratch game is made based on ticket sales and available inventory.  The CT Lottery ends ticket sales when the last top prize in a game has been claimed or when all warehouse ticket inventory has been exhausted. The Lottery may also end a game if ticket sales are lacking so that it may be replaced with a game that customers find more appealing.
The CT Lottery works within the international Lottery industry and relies on suppliers within the industry for its game designs.  Individuals who are interested in putting forth new games should consult with industry experts.  To protect your product or intellectual property you should also seek appropriate legal advice from a professional.  The CT Lottery does not compensate individuals for game ideas or designs that are submitted for consideration.  Any ideas submitted become the property of the CT Lottery.

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