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CT Lottery Sells Winning Powerball Ticket Worth $1,000,000Did you play Wednesday night’s Powerball drawing?  If so, you had better check your tickets!  The $201,900,000 winning jackpot ticket for the Wednesday, June 1st Powerball drawing was sold in the state of New York, but of the 24,958 winning Powerball tickets sold in Connecticut on that date, two successfully matched the first 5 numbers drawn 8 – 18 – 38 – 46 – 56, but missed having the Powerball number of 31. 

One of those “Match 5” winning tickets is worth $200,000.  The owner of the second Match 5 winning Powerball ticket added the Power Play option to the purchase of their ticket for an extra $1, so their $200,000 prize was automatically multiplied by 5 making their prize worth and incredible $1,000,000.

Players have 180 days from the date of drawing to claim a winning ticket.  Wednesday’s ticket expires on November 28, 2011.



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