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In Memory of Tony Miscikoski, the "Father of the CT Lottery"The CT Lottery Corporation fondly remembers former state Representative Tony Miscikoski, the “Father of the CT Lottery," who passed away peacefully on March 20th. 

For nearly a decade, Rep. Miscikoski advocated for legislation that would authorize lottery sales.  He believed that a state lottery could generate substantial revenue for the state and its residents.  In 1971, his vision became a reality when Governor Thomas J. Meskill signed Public Act No. 865 into law.  The first lottery game went on sale on February 15, 1972 .  Since that time, the CT Lottery Corporation has provided over $7.4 billion in revenue to the General Fund to support many good causes for the state of Connecticut. 

Thank you Rep. Miscikowski for your leadership and perseverance in creating the CT Lottery.



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