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It’s a “Month of Millions” for CT Lottery PlayersJust 17 days into November, CT Lottery players have won almost $263 MILLION in prize money, and the month is not even over yet!  Some of the big wins include:

Nov. 1:  Play3 Night draws 1-0-0, payout to players is $719,136

Nov. 2:  Powerball jackpot of $254.2 million (as yet unclaimed) won; the largest in CT Lottery history

Nov. 10:  Lucky-4-Life winning combo lands $2,000 a week FOR LIFE for a Hamden resident

Nov. 11:  Classic Lotto’s $1.5 million prize goes to Navy Veteran Donald Hillian of Rocky Hill

Nov. 16:  Powerball “Match 5” prize of $1.0 million won
“Never before has the CT Lottery had so many wins of such magnitude in such a short amount of time,” commented Anne M. Noble, President and CEO of the CT Lottery.  “Players have won nearly $263 million playing CT’s Lottery games this month.  It’s historic, and for our players, it’s simply incredible.” 

On Nov. 1, the combo 1-0-0 in the CT Lottery’s Play3 Night game landed players a payout of $719,136, the third largest payout this fiscal year for that game. 

Twenty-four hours later, Powerball’s drawing made history as the largest prize ever won by a CT Lottery ticket holder—$254.2 million.  Still unclaimed, the jackpot winning ticket was sold in Fairfield County.

Hamden had a Lucky-4-Life winner on Nov. 10 when S. Lowry won the game’s $2,000 a week FOR LIFE top prize.  The top prize value is based on the longevity of the winner, and has a guaranteed minimum prize payout of $2 million.

Rounding out the second week of the month, U.S. Navy veteran Donald Hillian of Rocky Hill won the third “Classic Lotto” jackpot drawn in 2011, coincidentally, on Veterans Day.   The six numbers on Hillian’s “Quick Pick”  ticket matched perfectly with the winning numbers drawn on that date rewarding him with a spectacular $1.5 million prize win.

Connecticut’s blistering winning streak has continued into week three by selling the only $1 million dollar prize winning ticket in the Nov. 16 Powerball drawing.  That winning ticket, sold in Hartford County, contains the first 5 numbers drawn on Nov. 16, 13 - 22 - 25 - 39 - 51, but missed the Powerball number of 28.  Because the purchaser added the “Power Play” option to their ticket at the time of purchase, their $200,000 prize was multiplied by 5, making for an automatic million dollar win.

All net proceeds from sale of lottery tickets in Connecticut are returned to the state’s General Fund, where the profits are used to support a wide variety of programs and services, such as education, public health and more.

Will Connecticut’s winning streak continue?  Stay tuned!  CT Lottery players certainly hope so!



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