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Friday the 13th Could Be Your Lucky “Lotto” Day!CT Lottery’s Classic Lotto Jackpot Worth $3 Million for Friday, May 13th Drawing

Are you a “paraskevidekatriaphobic”—a person who suffers from the irrational fear of Friday the 13th?  While considered by some to be an extremely unlucky day, for others, Friday the 13th has proven to be exceptionally lucky... especially those who played Classic Lotto and won the game’s jackpot on that very day.  Since the Lottery’s signature draw game began in 1983, eight (8) Classic Lotto jackpots, totaling more than $34.4 million in combined winnings, have been won on “Friday the 13th.”

Those who are not superstitious, and choose to also purchase a ticket for this Friday’s Classic Lotto drawing—the only Friday the 13th of the year—will have a chance at winning the game’s jackpot currently worth an impressive $3,000,000.  So far this year, there has been one Classic Lotto jackpot winner, Art Hlywa, Jr. of Southbury, who matched six numbers on his “Quick Pick” ticket and won $3.6 million on Friday, February 25, 2011.

Feeling lucky?  Classic Lotto tickets cost just $1 each, and can be purchased up until 10:20pm on the night of the drawing at any lottery retailer location open until that time.  Drawings are held every Tuesday and Friday at 10:38pm and are broadcast live on Fox CT and WCCT-TV.

Classic Lotto’s jackpot prize is payable as a 21-year annuity or as a one-time cash lump-sum. The overall chances of winning a prize in Classic Lotto are 1 in 39.3.  The chance of winning the jackpot is 1 in approximately 7.1 million.



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