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“Play3 Day and Night Bonus Payout” Promotion Begins July 6It’s back!  The CT Lottery is excited to once again offer Play3 players the opportunity to win up to 20% more on every Play3 drawing—both day and night—during the special “Bonus Payout” promotion, which begins July 6th.

How the Play3 Day and Night Bonus Payout works:

Before every Play3 drawing throughout the promotion period, a drawing official will draw a ball from a separate drawing machine containing 7 balls – 6 white balls and 1 red ball.  If a white ball is drawn, that ball will be removed from the mix, and the next drawing will be made from the remaining balls.  If the red ball is selected, all 7 balls go back into the mix for that game’s next drawing, and the chance for the Red Ball Bonus Payout begins again.  Winning tickets from a Red Ball Bonus Payout drawing will get up to 20% more prize money.

Play3 Day and Play3 Night drawings are independent of each other—a Play3 Day Bonus Payout ball machine drawing result does not impact a Play3 Night drawing.  Each game is played and treated separately.

Overall odds of winning a prize in Play3 vary by type of wager; Bonus Payout odds vary by draw.  Any Play3 Day or Night winning ticket sold for a Bonus Payout Red Ball drawing will automatically payout out at the increased prize amount.

The anticipated end date for the Bonus promotion is August 2, 2014.  The CT Lottery reserves the right to end or change the length of the promotion in accordance with promotion rules.  Play3 Day drawings are held daily at 1:57pm.  Play3 Night drawings are held nightly at 10:29pm.



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