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Christopher Gerasimopoulos "rocks out" with his $300,000 check!
Lucky Man’s Day Off – Pays Off $300,000 ‘Royale’ Lottery Prize
March 08, 2017 -- Southport resident, Christopher Gerasimopoulos, was stunned to reveal his $300,000 prize on a “$3,000,000 Royale” Instant Ticket. “I have no words right now,” the winner said in disbelief.

Gerasimopoulos was simply in the right place, at the right time when he decided to play. “It’s funny, I rarely buy the $30 games. I had the day off—happened to be in the area and got this ticket. I had the clerk check [the ticket] – it was bizarre!”

The Royale winner held tight onto his winning ticket before traveling to the CT Lottery headquarters in Rocky Hill. “I had this ticket on me at all times. I slept with it – I have animals and thought, ‘What if the dog eats it!?’”

An ecstatic Gerasimopoulos couldn’t stop smiling when meeting with Lottery officials, “All my debt is gone, student loans, car loans—gone.” Gerasimopoulos plans to take care of his family and facilitate his career in Health and Wellness. But first, he wants to take a much needed vacation.

“You can’t win if you don’t play,” an elated Gerasimopoulos said as he celebrated his massive winner check.

For selling the winning ticket, Derby Mart located on 49 Elizabeth Street in Derby, will receive a $3,000 bonus check from the CT Lottery.

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