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 Every Second Counts When a Person is Missing
When a person is missing or abducted, every second counts in the efforts to return that person to safety. As part of the CT Lottery’s commitment to social responsibility, the CT Lottery has partnered with state and local law enforcement agencies to provide assistance in the event that an AMBER or SILVER Alert is issued in our state.

AMBER Alerts are issued when a child has been abducted and is believed to be at risk for serious bodily harm or death. SILVER Alerts are issued for missing individuals age 65 or older, or, who are age 18 or older with mental impairments.

The emergency alert systems that support AMBER and SILVER Alerts in Connecticut provide for a variety of communication methods to provide critical information to the public. Radio messages, television announcements, digital billboards managed by the Department of Transportation, text messages and information streamed across the Lottery’s in-store display monitors are some of the communication methods that are used in these efforts.

CT’s Lottery has been a partner in the AMBER Alert notification system since June 2003, and since July 2009 with the SILVER Alert system.
How a CT AMBER or SILVER Alert Works
Once law enforcement responds to the scene and obtains a description of the missing person, possible abductor and vehicle, this information is immediately reported to the Connecticut State Police Message Center and recorded on an audio Alert Message. The emergency message is immediately broadcast to all radio and television stations across the state through the Emergency Alert System (EAS). This is the same alert used during severe weather emergencies.

The goal of the Alert System is to instantly notify the entire state, so everyone may assist in the search and the safe return of the person at risk. The public immediately becomes the eyes and ears of law enforcement and can assist in the search.

If you see someone fitting the description of the child, adult, or vehicle included in an AMBER or SILVER Alert, immediately call 911 or your local Law Enforcement Agency.  Provide authorities with as much information as possible.

The AMBER Alert helps to recover children and serves as a deterrent to this type of crime.
During an Alert, the Connecticut Lottery will:
  • Send an immediate message to approximately 2,900 Lottery retailers statewide.
  • Ask Retailers to print and post copies of the message in their store.
  • Re-broadcast the message to retailers every half-hour for the first ninety minutes.
  • Continue to send the message every hour after that, for up to five hours.
  • Display the message on Lottery in-store display monitors statewide.
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Message from CT Lottery Security

Security plays a critical role in ensuring the integrity of the lottery operations and staff.  The public must have complete faith, trust and confidence in our games to ensure that everyone that plays has an equal and fair chance of winning.
To that end, our goal is to establish a true partnership with the corporation’s employees, customers and regulatory agency to ensure the highest level of integrity with our products and vendors.
You can rest assured that the CT Lottery takes security very seriously.  We have been recognized by our industry peers as a leader in lottery security. 

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