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The winning stories and photos on these pages are just a small number of thousands who claim prizes. In our most recent year, players won more than $699 million in prize money! The fact is, everyday people win every day with the CT Lottery! Below is a list of recent winners of prizes worth $10,000 or more:
08/05/2016 Carlos Rodrigues
Bridgeport, CT
Pvc Gulf LLC
10X Cash 11Th Ed. $10,000
08/05/2016 Lillian Bottomley
Broad Brook, CT
A&B Express LLC
Broad Brook
Run The Table $75,000
08/05/2016 Michael Risucci
Watertown, CT
Premium Smoke
Cash Craze $10,000
08/04/2016 Marek Orlinski
Newington, CT
Gulf Mart
East Hartford
10X Cash 11Th Ed. $10,000
08/04/2016 David Beecher
New Haven, CT
New Haven
Powerball $50,000
08/04/2016 Jon Wright
Shelton, CT
Trumbull Service Center Inc.
20X Cash 2Nd Ed $20,000
08/04/2016 Kathleen Mariconda
Meriden, CT
Ye Corner Spirits
South Meriden
Play4 Night $10,000
08/03/2016 Frederick Sattler Jr
Middletown, CT
Mobil Mart
Play4 Day $10,000
08/02/2016 Silvio Desisto
Northford, CT
Northford Patco Handy Stop
Mega Millions $25,000
08/02/2016 Louis Frazier
Hartford, CT
10X Cash 11Th Ed. $10,000
08/02/2016 Ursula Mccafferty
North Canaan, CT
Super Stop & Shop #677
North Canaan
3X The Cash 6Th Ed. $30,000
08/02/2016 Ricky Lambert
Redfield, AR
Pilot Travel Center #255
Lucky 777S Tripler $177,777
08/02/2016 Fazza Saleh
West Suffield, CT
Lara Market LLC
10X Cash 11Th Ed. $10,000
08/02/2016 Matthew Longobardi
East Haven, CT
Ocean Port
East Haven
20X Cash 2Nd Ed $20,000
08/02/2016 Merline Shepherd Cole
Bridgeport, CT
Macaudas Package Store
10X Cash 11Th Ed. $10,000
08/02/2016 Michael Moyer
Trumbull, CT
Convenience Mart LLC
Pinball Wizard Xx $100,000
08/01/2016 Maria Torres
East Haven, CT
Tobacco Express
East Haven
10X Cash 11Th Ed. $10,000
08/01/2016 Tiffany Donovan
Weston, CT
Weston Hardware & Houseware
Powerball $50,000
08/01/2016 Emigdio Landeros De Dios
Danbury, CT
Michaels 1 Stop Variety
$50,000 Riches $50,000
08/01/2016 Frankie Voisine
Terryville, CT
Newington A-1
30X Cash 3Rd Ed. $10,000
08/01/2016 Thomas Armitage
Branford, CT
Stop & Shop #687
$50,000 Riches $10,000
08/01/2016 Massimo Delgreco
Wallingford, CT
Scott Oil
$10,000 Cash $10,000
08/01/2016 Jose Miguel Lopez Uribe
Manchester, CT
Stop & Shop #689
Powerball $50,000
07/29/2016 Thomas Perretta Sr
Stamford, CT
Al's Convenience
10X Cash 11Th Ed. $10,000
07/29/2016 Cynthia Knapp
Stamford, CT
Belltown Superette
$10,000 Cash $10,000
07/29/2016 Handel Jackman
Hartford, CT
Play4 Night $11,250
07/29/2016 Justice Santiago
East Hartford, CT
7-Eleven Store #15033C
East Hartford
20X Cash 2Nd Ed $20,000
07/29/2016 Jose Reyes
Windsor, CT
Stew Leonard's Newington
$500,000 Diamonds $25,000
07/29/2016 Anthony Lombardo
Portland, CT
Moon Mart
Diamonds And Gold $30,000
07/28/2016 Patrick Barry
Danbury, CT
Sams Food Store
30X Cash 3Rd Ed. $30,000
07/28/2016 Herman Freitag
Bloomfield, CT
Isaacs Mini Mart
10X Cash 11Th Ed. $10,000
07/28/2016 Patricia Crisco
Woodbridge, CT
A & S Quik-Pik Inc
$1,000,000 Diamonds $50,000
07/28/2016 Joseph Crisco Jr
Woodbridge, CT
A & S Quik-Pik Inc
$1,000,000 Diamonds $50,000
07/28/2016 Claudia Reyes
Norwalk, CT
Cumberland Farms #4658
Play4 Night $25,000
07/27/2016 Hopeton Green
Bridgeport, CT
Village Mart
30X Cash 3Rd Ed. $30,000
07/27/2016 Danny Rodriguez
Danbury, CT
Tropical Deli LLC
$10,000 Cash $10,000
07/26/2016 Jeremy Iaia
Old Lyme, CT
Old Lyme
10X Cash 11Th Ed. $10,000
07/26/2016 Otto Mayer
Ellington, CT
Ellington Road Runners
Cashword 24 $25,000
07/26/2016 U Patel
Clinton, CT
Deep River Market LLC
Deep River
10X Cash 11Th Ed. $10,000
07/26/2016 Shabana Porbandarwala
Stamford, CT
Cove Road Mini Mart
30X Cash 3Rd Ed. $10,000
07/26/2016 Sam Mitchell
Hamden, CT
Galaxy Fuel
Super Cashword 18 $50,000
07/26/2016 Nora Martinez
Bridgeport, CT
Ali Shell Mart
30X Cash 3Rd Ed. $10,000
07/25/2016 Carrie Boatwright
Stratford, CT
Honeyspot Gulf LLC
Bingo Multiplier $10,000
07/25/2016 Santos Barahona
Bridgeport, CT
Sam's Plus LLC
10X Cash 11Th Ed. $10,000
07/25/2016 Franz Douskey
Hamden, CT
Hamden News & Cigars
$100,000 Cashword 7 $10,000
07/25/2016 Henry Jones
Norwalk, CT
Cove Variety
$3,000,000 Royale $10,000
07/25/2016 Jeremiah Downing
New York, NY
Road Runners
Rocky Hill
Cash5 $18,600
07/25/2016 Christopher Mccoart
West Haven, CT
Tobacco Plus
West Haven
$10,000 Cash $10,000
07/25/2016 Francis Landrette
Terryville, CT
Avenue News
Play4 Night $39,060
07/25/2016 Lisandro Clara
Stamford, CT
Glenbrook General Store LLC
10X Cash 11Th Ed. $10,000

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$50,000 Lottery Winner Drives Off to the Beach with Loving Wife
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Lucky Stamford Woman Hops Back in Line for Chance $10,000 Lottery Win
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24-Year-Old Pizza Shop Owner’s Lottery Ticket Delivers $50,000
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Birthday Winner Claims Two Cash5 Top Prize Tickets
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$3,000,000 Lottery Winner Looks to Cross Off Bucket List with Best Friend
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Lottery Winner Pays It Forward with Random Act of Kindness
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Wethersfield Man Rings in $25,000 in Time for Wedding
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Broad Brook Woman Feels Lucky, Wins $10,000 Lottery Prize
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Seymour Man Donates to Community and Shares $50,000 Lottery Prize
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Lucky Woman Buys Husband New Truck with $25,000 Lottery Win
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Volunteer Hospital Worker Shares $25,000 with Son and Granddaughter
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Kind Gesture Leads to a Lucky $30,000 Lottery Prize for East Haven Woman
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New Britain Winner to Spend Lottery Prize on Family Education
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Hamden Woman Collects $10,000 on “Replay” KENO Ticket
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6-Years to the Date, $10,000 Winner Visits Lottery Again
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First-Time Lottery KENO Winner Goes Car Shopping
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Old Lyme Woman Credits ‘Law of Attraction’ for $50,000 Powerball® Win
Winner Image 17
Army Reserve Veteran Uses Family Birthday Numbers to Win Powerball® Lottery Prize
Winner Image 18
Surprise Lottery Win! Broad Brook Woman Unknowingly Collects $75,000
Winner Image 19
New Haven Man’s Special Powerball® Numbers Finally Drawn
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