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The winning stories and photos on these pages are just a small number of the thousands who claim prizes. The fact is, everyday people win every day with the CT Lottery! Below is a list of recent winners of prizes worth $10,000 or more:
06/04/2018 Robert Swierbitowicz
Litchfield, CT
7-Eleven Store #11481G
10X Cash 12Th Edition $10,000
06/04/2018 John Gombeda
Stratford, CT
7-Eleven Store #33320
10X Cash 12Th Edition $10,000
06/01/2018 Juan Blondet
Fairfield, CT
News Express
$250,000 Cashword 4 $250,000
06/01/2018 Mary Clancey
Torrington, CT
The Cork Fine Wine & Spirits
Mega Millions $3,000,030
06/01/2018 Margaret Krupinski
Stonington, CT
Henny Penny #25
20X Cash 3Rd Edition $20,000
06/01/2018 Katarina Potter
Preston, CT
Preston General Store
10X Cash 12Th Edition $10,000
06/01/2018 Joseph Furnari
Trumbull, CT
Stratford Cigar & Smoke Shop
30X Cash 5Th Edition $30,000
05/31/2018 Matthew Grey
Cheshire, CT
Metro Food Mart
$500,000 Extreme Cash $25,000
05/31/2018 John Muller
Poughkeepsie, NY
Alltown Madison West #835
$5,000,000 Ultimate $10,000
05/31/2018 Laurence Thompson Jr
Gales Ferry, CT
Henny Penny #36
Lucky Times 10 $10,000
05/31/2018 Owen Mcneil
Bloomfield, CT
Cumberland Farms #4743
Play4 Night $67,812
05/31/2018 Aaron Mills Jr
Bethel, CT
Bethel Car Wash
Cash5 $100,000
05/31/2018 Anthony Gedraitis
Watertown, CT
Watertown Gas Mart LLC
30X Cash 4Th Edition $30,000
05/30/2018 Pasquale Apruzzese
Plainville, CT
Smokers Discount World
Play4 Day $13,540
05/30/2018 Cynthia Palmer Favors
Meriden, CT
Stop & Shop #680
$100,000 Cashword 8 $10,000
05/30/2018 Rose Dimartino
Ansonia, CT
Daniels Market LLC
10X Cash 12Th Edition $10,000
05/30/2018 Luis Diaz Carrion
Meriden, CT
West Main St Gas & Food Mart
Play4 Night $25,000
05/30/2018 Fredy Mejia Aucay
Danbury, CT
Danbury Variety & Food
10X Cash 12Th Edition $10,000
05/29/2018 Kevin Pipicelli
Stamford, CT
Glenbrook General Store LLC
$5,000,000 Ultimate $100,000
05/29/2018 Tammi Barrows
Groton, CT
Norwich Xtra Mart
20X Cash 3Rd Edition $20,000
05/29/2018 John Costigan
Old Saybrook, CT
Andy's Deli & Market
Old Lyme
30X Cash 5Th Edition $10,000
05/29/2018 Joseph Santamaria Jr
Waterbury, CT
Waterbury Xpress Foodmart LLC
Mega Millions $10,000
05/29/2018 Yolanda Delossantos
Stamford, CT
Chiquitas Grocery Store
Run The Table $25,000
05/29/2018 Stephen Krueger
Waterbury, CT
Stop & Shop #625
Win Up To $10,000 A Month For Life $10,000
05/29/2018 Frank Biceglia
North Haven, CT
Chapel Mini Mart
New Haven
Play4 Day $10,000
05/29/2018 Lascelles Jackson
East Hartford, CT
The Corner Store
Play4 Day $12,708
05/29/2018 Curtis Sutherland
Queens Village, NY
Cos Cob Stationery
Cos Cob
Double Your Money $20,000
05/29/2018 Joel Smith
North Haven, CT
J & H Food Mart
North Haven
Win Up To $10,000 A Month For Life Annuity
05/29/2018 Jay Booth
Canaan, CT
Canaan Mobil
North Canaan
Cash5 $100,020
05/29/2018 Syed Naqshband
New Haven, CT
Gerry's Shell Food Mart
New Haven
20X Cash 3Rd Edition $10,000
05/29/2018 Matthew Lyons
North Haven, CT
Hamden Shell
10X Cash 12Th Edition $10,000
05/29/2018 Charles Speriglio
Stamford, CT
Bull's Head Cigar
20X Cash 3Rd Edition $20,000
05/29/2018 Eladio Morataya Castillo
Bridgeport, CT
Main St Convenience
Lucky 7S $27,777
05/29/2018 David Williams
Amston, CT
Country Farms
20X Cash 3Rd Edition $20,000
05/25/2018 Kimberly Slade
Newington, CT
Cumberland Farms #4741
Powerball $200,000
05/25/2018 Arsen Veizaj
Stamford, CT
Convenience Plus
20X Cash 3Rd Edition $20,000
05/25/2018 Diane Halligan
Derby, CT
Last Call Wine & Spirits
20X Cash 3Rd Edition $20,000
05/25/2018 Anthony Giordano
Newington, CT
786 Newington Grocery LLC
20X Cash 3Rd Edition $20,000
05/25/2018 Esteban Salazar
Hartford, CT
Williams Grocery & Deli
Play4 Day $17,708
05/24/2018 Martin Wassik
Hartford, CT
House Of Tobacco
West Hartford
$100,000 Cashword 8 $10,000
05/24/2018 Diana Torres
Hartford, CT
Mobil Gas Station
Play4 Night $10,000
05/24/2018 Robin True
West Haven, CT
Choe Foodmart LLC
20X Cash 3Rd Edition $10,000
05/23/2018 Gerald Zalewski
Enfield, CT
Vp Mart
Mega Millions $10,004
05/22/2018 Jason Ozmore
Shelton, CT
Norwalk High Mart
Mega Millions $10,000
05/21/2018 John Bisson
Windsor, CT
Fuddys Liquors
Play4 Night $12,604
05/21/2018 Timothy Oleary
Danbury, CT
Rdp Petroleum LLC
Keno $20,096
05/21/2018 Ravindra Jain
South Windsor, CT
Oakland Express
South Windsor
Triple Lucky 7S $25,000
05/21/2018 Lydia Davila Berrios
Hartford, CT
Sandoval Grocery
Play4 Night $12,604
05/21/2018 Ronald Mitchell
Dayville, CT
Fresh Farm & Tobacco LLC
$5,000,000 Ultimate $10,000
05/21/2018 Jose Acevedo Jr
Bridgeport, CT
Grocery Village
10X Cash 12Th Edition $10,000

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Winner Image 0
All It Took to Win $100,000 was “22 years, 2 months, 18 days, 12 hours and 28 minutes”
Winner Image 1
A Case of Blurry Vision Gives Hartford Man the Surprise of a Lifetime
Winner Image 2
Being Forgetful Pays Off Big for Torrington Resident, Wins $200,000 Prize
Winner Image 3
Retired Postal Worker Discovers Eight Extra Letters Worth $25,000
Winner Image 4
‘I’m Going Fishing!’ Stratford Man Reels in $5 Million Mega Millions® Prize
Winner Image 5
Dessert Stop Leads to a Sweet ‘$2,000 a Month For Life’ Payout
Winner Image 6
Couple Celebrating Anniversary Strikes 'Gold' with $500,000 Win
Winner Image 7
Bridgeport Man Wins CT Super Draw $1,000,000 Prize – Plans to Order Pizza with ‘Everything on it!’
Winner Image 8
CT Lottery Winner Makes Milk and Coffee Stop, Wins $10,000 KENO Prize
Winner Image 9
No Tricks, Just Treats! Amston Woman Still Without Power Claims $100,000 Lottery Prize
Winner Image 10
Engaged Couple Gets Chance to Plan Their Wedding with Powerball® Lottery Prize
Winner Image 11
CT Lottery’s Largest KENO Prize Winner Plays Same Numbers and Wins Again!
Winner Image 12
Mother of Six Wins $1,000,000 Powerball® Prize with Children’s Birthday Numbers
Winner Image 13
Cos Cob House Painter Has a Stroke of Luck with $100,000 Lottery Win
Winner Image 14
Hartford Resident Baffled by Surprise $30,000 Lottery Win
Winner Image 15
Psychic’s Prediction Comes True for CT Lottery’s Newest Millionaire
Winner Image 16
Dedicated Fire-Fighting Grandfather Celebrates Surprise $200,000 Powerball® Win
Winner Image 17
Co-workers’ ‘Pay it Forward’ Mentality Repays as $30,000 Lottery Win
Winner Image 18
Waterbury Woman to Surprise Wife with $50,000 Lottery Prize for Anniversary
Winner Image 19
Marlborough Resident Replays Numbers for a $25,000 a Year for Life Prize
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