The winning stories and photos on these pages are just a small number of thousands who claim prizes. In our most recent year, players won more than $699 million in prize money! The fact is, everyday people win every day with the CT Lottery! Here is a partial list of recent winners of prizes worth $10,000 or more:
01/13/2014 Juan Rivera Beltran
Bridgeport, CT
Daybreak Doughnuts
Holiday Wishes $25,000
01/13/2014 Frances Serafin
Hanover, CT
Express Lane Food
Powerball $10,000
01/13/2014 Jacqueline Raynor White
Meriden, CT
Sunoco A Plus
" $ " $10,000
01/13/2014 Richard Long
Redding, CT
Dodgingtown Market
Super Draw $20,000
01/13/2014 Franz Douskey
Hamden, CT
Bp Mart
North Haven
Hartford Whalers $30,000
01/13/2014 Maria Braham
Bloomfield, CT
Isaacs Mini Mart
Powerball $10,000
01/13/2014 Bethany Schub
Enfield, CT
Shoprite Of Enfield
Super Draw $20,000
01/13/2014 Jose Arriaga
Derby, CT
Bagel King & Variety
Cash5 $100,000
01/13/2014 William Lavigne
Bristol, CT
Avenue News
Cashword 21 $25,000
01/10/2014 Dean Washington
Windsor, CT
Millbrook Wine & Liquors
Pinball Wizard Xviii $100,000
01/10/2014 Angel Berrios Colon
Hartford, CT
Wolcott Hill Mart
10X Cash 8Th Edition $10,000
01/10/2014 Stanley Dziamalek Sr
East Haven, CT
Krauszers Food Store
East Haven
10X Cash 8Th Edition $10,000
01/10/2014 Aaron Taylor
Stratford, CT
Madison Convenience
$100,000 Cashword 5 $10,000
01/10/2014 Nicholas Bitondo
Norwalk, CT
Hills Confectionery LLC
10X Cash 8Th Edition $10,000
01/10/2014 Lucy Reed
Hamden, CT
Snack Plus Deli LLC
10X Cash 8Th Edition $10,000
01/09/2014 James Corbett
Derby, CT
Citgo Mart
30X Cash $10,000
01/09/2014 Sydney Moore Kay
Fairfield, CT
Pine Creek Deli LLC
Neon 2S $20,000
01/09/2014 Eleanor Altieri
Hamden, CT
Rite Aid #10375
Cash5 $100,000
01/09/2014 Paul Butler
Milford, CT
Cumberland Farms #4736
Mega Millions $10,000
01/09/2014 Amy Lombardo
Cromwell, CT
Stop & Shop #606
Cash5 $59,008
01/09/2014 Amy Lombardo
Cromwell, CT
Stop & Shop #606
Cash5 $59,008
01/09/2014 Margaret Morgan
Windsor Locks, CT
Caseys Market
Windsor Locks
Cash5 $100,000
01/09/2014 Varun Malhotra
Danbury, CT
Mobil One Stop
30X Cash $30,000
01/08/2014 Keith Gillespie
Avon, CT
Farmington Shell
Cash5 $100,000
01/08/2014 Stephen Farkash
West Haven, CT
Krauszers Food Store
West Haven
30X Cash $10,000
01/08/2014 Douglas Marshall
Farmington, CT
Scott's Townline Mobil LLC
Cash5 $16,667
01/08/2014 Kathryn Bradley
Farmington, CT
Scott's Townline Mobil LLC
Cash5 $16,667
01/08/2014 Robert Gerent
New Britain, CT
Scott's Townline Mobil LLC
Cash5 $16,667
01/08/2014 Robert Stafford
Farmington, CT
Scott's Townline Mobil LLC
Cash5 $16,667
01/08/2014 Michael Lusitani
Farmington, CT
Scott's Townline Mobil LLC
Cash5 $16,667
01/08/2014 Kenneth Banks
Farmington, CT
Scott's Townline Mobil LLC
Cash5 $16,667
01/07/2014 Willard Pulsifer
Terryville, CT
Woodbury Shell Food Mart
Pearls $30,000
01/07/2014 Leonard Dziedzic
Torrington, CT
West Torrington Shell
Super Draw $20,000
01/07/2014 Nicholas Ortiz
New Haven, CT
Ez Mail And More
East Haven
Super Draw $20,000
01/07/2014 Carol Fields
Groton, CT
Gas Mart
10X Cash 8Th Edition $10,000
01/07/2014 T Baxendale
Riverside, CT
Greenwich Convenience Mart
20X The Cash 6Th Ed $20,000
01/06/2014 Berta Marsillio
Shelton, CT
Rs Petroleum
10X Cash 8Th Edition $10,000
01/06/2014 Jeremy Morotto
Waterbury, CT
Thapa Convenience
7 - Second Edition $77,777
01/06/2014 Louise Mcknight
West Haven, CT
Depalma Petroleum & Mini Mart
West Haven
3X The Cash 2Nd Ed. $30,000
01/06/2014 Jasper Moore
Hartford, CT
Sam's Food Store
West Hartford
Play4 Night $25,000
01/06/2014 Salvo Falzone
Harwinton, CT
Smoker's Club
$250,000 Spectacular $250,000
01/06/2014 Pamela Favreau
Willington, CT
Willington Xtra Mart
Super Draw $20,000
01/06/2014 Jerzy Michalski
New Britain, CT
Cumberland Farms #4659
$100,000 Cashword 5 $10,000
01/06/2014 John Perretta
Manchester, CT
New England Shoppe
New Britain
$100,000 Cashword 5 $50,000
01/06/2014 Nadiya Perretta
New Britain, CT
New England Shoppe
New Britain
$100,000 Cashword 5 $50,000
01/06/2014 Brian Krauss
Bethlehem, CT
Watertown Shell
2X The Money 2Nd Edition $20,000
01/03/2014 Joanna Breault
East Hartford, CT
Glastonbury Global
Super Draw $20,000
01/03/2014 Cheryl Marc Aurele
Thomaston, CT
Thomaston Xtra Mart
Super Draw $20,000
01/03/2014 Ernest Richard
North Grosvenordale, CT
Rollies Variety LLC
10X Cash 8Th Edition $10,000
01/03/2014 Jacob Bohr Jr
Storrs Mansfield, CT
Coventry Food Mart
Super Draw $20,000

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Winner Image 0
Kensington Resident Celebrates “Lucky for Life” $25,000 a Year for Life 2nd Prize Win
Winner Image 1
Early Bird Catches the Cash5 $100,000 Top Prize in Bristol
Winner Image 2
No Fooling—Enfield Man Wins $100,000 “Cash5” Lottery Prize on April 1
Winner Image 3
Lottery Lightning Strikes Twice at ShopRite of Southington
Winner Image 4
Stratford Resident Finds a Motto and Wins $100,000 Lottery Prize!
Winner Image 5
Manchester Resident Wins CT’s “50/50 Super Draw” $242,560 Top Prize
Winner Image 6
East Hartford Man Purchases $3,000,000 Winning Scratch Ticket to Retirement
Winner Image 7
Lucky Monroe Man Wins $10,000 A MONTH FOR LIFE Prize!
Winner Image 8
Norwalk Resident Claims $1,000,000 New Year’s Super Draw Prize
Winner Image 9
East Hartford Couple Claim CT’s Fifth “$25,000 a Year for Life” 2nd Prize Win
Winner Image 10
Oh Baby—Manchester Couple Wins $30,000 Prize in Last Night's Powerball Drawing!
Winner Image 11
Happy Birthday Numbers are a Lucky Match for “$25,000 a Year for Life” Prize Win
Winner Image 12
AHA! New Britain Resident Discovers $50,000 Lottery Prize Win
Winner Image 13
New Haven Resident Claims $20,000 “Super Draw” Prize
Winner Image 14
Oxford Resident Scores “New York Giants 2nd Chance Drawing” First Prize
Winner Image 15
Bristol Resident Claims Powerball $1,000,000 Prize Winning Ticket for Dec. 21
Winner Image 16
Lucky “Friday the 13th” $1,000,000 Mega Millions Prize is Claimed at CT Lottery Headquarters
Winner Image 17
ShopRite of East Haven Sells $1,000,000 Powerball Prize Winning Ticket
Winner Image 18
Shelton Man Claims $1,000,000 Mega Millions Prize Winning Ticket from Dec. 10 Drawing
Winner Image 19
$20,000 Lottery Prize Gives Prospect Woman a Reason to Dance

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