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The winning stories and photos on these pages are just a small number of thousands who claim prizes. In our most recent year, players won more than $699 million in prize money! The fact is, everyday people win every day with the CT Lottery! Below is a list of recent winners of prizes worth $10,000 or more:
05/17/2017 Anne Marie Burns
Newington, CT
Newington Food Land
Quarter Million Large $250,000
05/16/2017 Gregor Steger
Stratford, CT
Tj's Discount Wine&Liquor LLC
Cash5 $100,000
05/16/2017 Denise Walker
Hamden, CT
Country Food Market Inc
Play4 Night $27,708
05/16/2017 Leia Policarpio
North Stonington, CT
7-Eleven Food Store #32517A
Money $10,000
05/16/2017 Catherine Evarts
North Branford, CT
Cumberland Farms #4618
North Branford
Powerball $50,000
05/16/2017 Antonio Varriale
Meriden, CT
Village Food
10X Cash 11Th Ed. $10,000
05/15/2017 Barbara Ollari
Middletown, CT
Stop & Shop #606
20X Cash 2Nd Ed $20,000
05/15/2017 Luis Samot
Meriden, CT
Stop & Shop #638
Play4 Day $10,000
05/15/2017 Susan Barna
Westport, CT
Westport Amoco Inc
$100,000 Cashword 8 $10,000
05/15/2017 Patricia Lewis
Bridgeport, CT
Swissland Farm
$100,000 Cashword 8 $100,000
05/15/2017 Billy Saxon
Wallingford, CT
Fas Mart #309
Play4 Night $10,000
05/15/2017 John Delaney
West Boylston, MA
Gaetano's Tavern On Main
Keno $11,250
05/15/2017 Shkelqim Pulatani
East Rockaway, NY
Alltown Fairfield West #0831
$10,000 Cash $10,000
05/15/2017 Fazza Saleh
West Suffield, CT
7-Eleven Store #15438
Windsor Locks
Spicy Hot Tripler $150,000
05/15/2017 Russell Messenger
Enfield, CT
King Eddie LLC
20X Cash 2Nd Ed $20,000
05/15/2017 Madhur Milan Chapagain
West Hartford, CT
Noble Energy Inc
Play4 Day $100,000
05/12/2017 Everalde Delgado Henry
Bloomfield, CT
Farmington Sun Inc
West Hartford
Play4 Night $10,000
05/11/2017 Luciana Corelli
Stamford, CT
Bull's Head Cigar
30X Cash 4Th Edition $10,000
05/11/2017 Joseph Spada
Newington, CT
7-Eleven Store #11479G
30X Cash 4Th Edition $30,000
05/10/2017 Rosa Crudele
Greenwich, CT
South Greenwich Convenience Mart
$2,000,000 Diamonds $100,000
05/10/2017 Ilona Grant
Guilford, CT
Cumberland Farms #4618
North Branford
Cash5 $100,000
05/10/2017 Magdy Adly Shahat Abdelmassih
Manchester, CT
Alex Corner
Star $50,000
05/09/2017 Gregory Lohman
Branford, CT
Branford Quick Mart LLC
Jewels $25,000
05/09/2017 Alex Lozada
New Haven, CT
A & D Package Store
30X Cash 4Th Edition $30,000
05/09/2017 Christine Longo
Quaker Hill, CT
Waterford Mobil
30X Cash 4Th Edition $10,000
05/09/2017 Michael Sherman
Shelton, CT
Monts Mart Bp
10X Cash 11Th Ed. $10,000
05/08/2017 Piotr Olewinski
Stamford, CT
Belltown Superette
30X Cash 4Th Edition $10,000
05/08/2017 Jomarie Peters
Oxford, CT
Big Y World Class Mkt #47
Play4 Night $45,000
05/08/2017 Flor Fuentes
Bridgeport, CT
Salman Corp.
Powerball $50,000
05/08/2017 Vickram Shamchander
Windsor, CT
Airport Shell
Windsor Locks
Play4 Night $50,000
05/08/2017 John Montanaro
Bridgewater, CT
Food Mart Inc.
New Milford
30X Cash 4Th Edition $10,000
05/08/2017 Ervin Inman
Meriden, CT
H & H Mart
Play4 Night $50,000
05/08/2017 Harold Odom
Windsor, CT
Price Chopper #221
Play4 Night $10,832
05/08/2017 Kelly Pinckney
Newtown, CT
J&R Newtown Rd Business Servic
10X Cash 11Th Ed. $10,000
05/08/2017 David Hargett
Danbury, CT
Play4 Night $30,000
05/08/2017 Sylvia Montanez Carmona
Hartford, CT
J&L Pkg
10X Cash 11Th Ed. $10,000
05/08/2017 Arthur Pugh Jr
Hartford, CT
Ia Food Mart
Play4 Night $10,000
05/08/2017 Matthew Chernay
Danbury, CT
Fast Freddie's Danbury #726
Keno $13,000
05/08/2017 Robert Pickering
Wethersfield, CT
Quick Pick Mart
30X Cash 4Th Edition $10,000
05/08/2017 Lourdes Moran
Stamford, CT
3 Hermanos Grocery
10X Cash 11Th Ed. $10,000
05/08/2017 Nicholas Fasano
Thomaston, CT
Cumberland Farms #4766
10X Cash 11Th Ed. $10,000
05/05/2017 Jeremy Walsh
Enfield, CT
Fas Mart #305
30X Cash 4Th Edition $30,000
05/05/2017 Hernan Lainez
Bridgeport, CT
Ct Ave Gas Station LLC
20X Cash 2Nd Ed $20,000
05/05/2017 Adelaide Esteves
Bridgeport, CT
E & M Park Fuels Inc
20X Cash 2Nd Ed $20,000
05/05/2017 Victor Santos
New Haven, CT
Redentis Package Store
New Haven
Money $10,000
05/04/2017 Mary Ponzillo
Waterbury, CT
Petes Package Store
10X Cash 11Th Ed. $10,000
05/04/2017 David Grandieri
Amston, CT
Springdale Stationery
Play4 Night $10,000
05/04/2017 Joseph Jones
New Britain, CT
North Main Street Shell
Play4 Night $10,000
05/04/2017 David Teixeira
Shelton, CT
Wheels #18
Play4 Day $38,020
05/03/2017 Nick Fotinopoulos
Bethel, CT
In And Out Variety
10X Cash 11Th Ed. $10,000

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Play4 Day Lottery Winner Picks Up $38,540 with Loving Wife
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New Haven Woman Claims ‘Super $75,000 Cash Giveaway’ Prize
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