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The winning stories and photos on these pages are just a small number of thousands who claim prizes. In our most recent year, players won more than $699 million in prize money! The fact is, everyday people win every day with the CT Lottery! Below is a list of recent winners of prizes worth $10,000 or more:
10/11/2016 Maria Boyd
Woodstock, CT
Cumberland Farms #4595
20X Cash 2Nd Ed $20,000
10/11/2016 Edward Morrissey Jr
Milford, CT
Milford Store
Bonus Numbers 2Nd Ed. $20,000
10/11/2016 Thomas Biroscak
Stratford, CT
Stop & Shop #629
10X Cash 11Th Ed. $10,000
10/11/2016 Bavan Rannakopal
Norwalk, CT
Shell Food Mart
Keno $30,000
10/11/2016 Salvador Valencia Jr
Norwalk, CT
Alexa Grocery
10X Cash 11Th Ed. $10,000
10/11/2016 Michele Sukatski
Stamford, CT
Super Stop & Shop #646
10X Cash 11Th Ed. $10,000
10/11/2016 Brian Quinn
Seymour, CT
Double R Inc
Cashingo $30,000
10/11/2016 Antonio Delucia
Wallingford, CT
Aircraft Package Store
North Haven
30X Cash 3Rd Ed. $10,000
10/11/2016 Thomas Miles
Torrington, CT
Msa Gas LLC
10X Cash 11Th Ed. $10,000
10/07/2016 Jennifer Fischer Vieira
Bridgeport, CT
Howe Ave Sunoco
$3,000,000 Royale $10,000
10/07/2016 John Dallen
Granby, CT
Stop & Shop #611
$200,000 Jackpot $200,000
10/06/2016 Mohinder Singh
Vernon, CT
Rockville Discount Liquor
Cash5 $33,333
10/06/2016 Vishaldeep Singh
Vernon, CT
Rockville Discount Liquor
Cash5 $33,333
10/06/2016 Lovepreet Singh
Vernon, CT
Rockville Discount Liquor
Cash5 $33,333
10/06/2016 Tamika Taylor
New Haven, CT
Express Food Mart #A-1
New Haven
Keno $10,000
10/06/2016 Slesha Desai
East Haven, CT
Waldi's Discount Liquor
Play4 Night $11,250
10/05/2016 Gilson Silva
Bridgeport, CT
Ali Shell Mart
10X Cash 11Th Ed. $10,000
10/05/2016 Alan Friedman
Gales Ferry, CT
Henny Penny #22
Gales Ferry
Run The Table $25,000
10/05/2016 Fernando Azcona
Danbury, CT
Papi's Liquor
Play4 Night $25,000
10/04/2016 Eliane Martins
Shelton, CT
Stop & Shop #635
Lucky 77 Doubler $77,777
10/03/2016 Rita Omeara
New Britain, CT
Quick Stop LLC
New Britain
10X Cash 11Th Ed. $10,000
10/03/2016 William Indorf
Meriden, CT
Cumberland Farms #4687
10X Cash 11Th Ed. $10,000
10/03/2016 Htoo Htoo
Hartford, CT
D`Aprile Package Store LLC
Play4 Night $10,000
10/03/2016 Barbara Baldovin
Seymour, CT
Double R Inc
Cash5 $100,000
10/03/2016 Latonya Johnson
New Britain, CT
Mirna Mobil Food Mart
Play4 Night $10,625
09/30/2016 Hopeton Green
Bridgeport, CT
Boston Shell LLC
30X Cash 3Rd Ed. $10,000
09/29/2016 Oscar Munoz
Norwalk, CT
One Stop Variety
Play4 Night $12,604
09/29/2016 Christopher Henry
Hartford, CT
Noble Energy Inc
Play4 Night $12,604
09/29/2016 David Williams
Amston, CT
Sams Food Stores
10X Cash 11Th Ed. $10,000
09/29/2016 Anne Marie Burns
Newington, CT
Quick Stop Convenient Store
$10,000 Cash $10,000
09/29/2016 Mark Adams
Waterford, CT
Quick And Easy
30X Cash 3Rd Ed. $30,000
09/29/2016 Michael Bowers
Harrison, NY
Stamford Photo & News
20X Cash 2Nd Ed $20,000
09/28/2016 Mima Batiste
Somers, CT
Safo's Enterprises Inc
$100,000 Cashword 7 $100,000
09/27/2016 Franklin Johnson
Middletown, CT
East Main St Irving
Play4 Night $12,500
09/27/2016 Samuel Silva
Greenwich, CT
Greenwich Cigar Store
5X The Money 8Th Ed. $50,000
09/27/2016 Alicia Smith
Hartford, CT
Scotts Avon Mobil
Play4 Day $10,000
09/27/2016 Hewlee Pierce
Bridgeport, CT
Justice Liquor Store
Cashword 24 $25,000
09/27/2016 Robert Rzewuski
Watertown, CT
Dixie Farms LLC
30X Cash 3Rd Ed. $10,000
09/27/2016 Javier Rodriguez Roman
Hartford, CT
Flatbush Market
3X The Cash 6Th Ed. $30,000
09/27/2016 Mark Coleman
New Britain, CT
Discount Tobacco & Novelty
New Britain
Play4 Day $14,372
09/27/2016 Laura Chute
Kensington, CT
Simeone Enterprises LLC
$50,000 Riches $25,000
09/27/2016 Edwin Vega
Hartford, CT
Sams Food Store
Play4 Day $10,000
09/27/2016 Rachel Pollak
Naugatuck, CT
New Dp Mart
$100,000 Cashword 7 $10,000
09/26/2016 Robert Clarke
Norwalk, CT
10X Cash 11Th Ed. $10,000
09/26/2016 Jeffrey Hill
Wethersfield, CT
K Food Mart
Play4 Night $10,000
09/26/2016 Lorna Miller
Bloomfield, CT
Liquor Wine Outlet
Play4 Day $45,000
09/26/2016 Otis Paramore
Bridgeport, CT
Village Mart
Play4 Night $52,708
09/26/2016 Charles Ramik
Stratford, CT
Aashirwad Petroleum Inc
Jewels $200,000
09/26/2016 Osnalba Alvarado
Bridgeport, CT
Daybreak Doughnuts
$10,000 Cash $10,000
09/26/2016 Harry Danley
Ansonia, CT
Cumberland Farms #4716
30X Cash 3Rd Ed. $10,000

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24-Year-Old Pizza Shop Owner’s Lottery Ticket Delivers $50,000
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$3,000,000 Lottery Winner Looks to Cross Off Bucket List with Best Friend
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Lottery Winner Pays It Forward with Random Act of Kindness
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Wethersfield Man Rings in $25,000 in Time for Wedding
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Broad Brook Woman Feels Lucky, Wins $10,000 Lottery Prize
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Seymour Man Donates to Community and Shares $50,000 Lottery Prize
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Lucky Woman Buys Husband New Truck with $25,000 Lottery Win
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Volunteer Hospital Worker Shares $25,000 with Son and Granddaughter
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Kind Gesture Leads to a Lucky $30,000 Lottery Prize for East Haven Woman
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New Britain Winner to Spend Lottery Prize on Family Education
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Hamden Woman Collects $10,000 on “Replay” KENO Ticket
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6-Years to the Date, $10,000 Winner Visits Lottery Again
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First-Time Lottery KENO Winner Goes Car Shopping
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Old Lyme Woman Credits ‘Law of Attraction’ for $50,000 Powerball® Win
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Army Reserve Veteran Uses Family Birthday Numbers to Win Powerball® Lottery Prize
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Surprise Lottery Win! Broad Brook Woman Unknowingly Collects $75,000
Winner Image 19
New Haven Man’s Special Powerball® Numbers Finally Drawn
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