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The winning stories and photos on these pages are just a small number of thousands who claim prizes. In our most recent year, players won more than $699 million in prize money! The fact is, everyday people win every day with the CT Lottery! Below is a list of recent winners of prizes worth $10,000 or more:
10/24/2016 Bertrand Lagasse
East Hartford, CT
Tims Market
East Hartford
Bingo Extra $15,000
10/24/2016 Catherine Hagan
Oxford, CT
Southford Package Store
$500,000 Diamonds $10,000
10/24/2016 Anthony Spak Iii
Hamden, CT
Smoker Express
$500,000 Diamonds $25,000
10/24/2016 Joanne Palmieri
North Branford, CT
Cumberland Farms #4618
North Branford
$100,000 Cashword 7 $100,000
10/24/2016 Albert Reuter
Norwalk, CT
Alex's Food Mart
Keno $10,004
10/24/2016 Richard Lueders
San Clemente, CA
Darien News Store Inc.
Mega Millions $1,000,000
10/21/2016 Christopher Lee
Southington, CT
Henny Penny #57
$100,000 Cashword 7 $10,000
10/21/2016 Christine Hinspeter
Stamford, CT
Bull's Head Cigar
$3,000,000 Royale $31,000
10/21/2016 Julio Cesar Olivar Guerrero
New Haven, CT
Carrs Package Store LLC
New Haven
Super Cashword 18 $50,000
10/20/2016 Michael Moffa
Danbury, CT
J & R White Street Citgo LLC
$200,000 Fortune $25,000
10/20/2016 Luciana Corelli
Stamford, CT
Bull's Head Cigar
30X Cash 4Th Edition $10,000
10/20/2016 Vilson Kurti
Newington, CT
7-Eleven Store #15155D
30X Cash 3Rd Ed. $30,000
10/20/2016 Katherine Morrell
Bristol, CT
Food Bag #543
20X Cash 2Nd Ed $20,000
10/20/2016 Joseph Ciotto
Middletown, CT
The Corner Store
Jewels $25,000
10/20/2016 Mary Neumeister
Stafford Springs, CT
Ellington Road Runners
10X Cash 11Th Ed. $10,000
10/20/2016 Marian Garcia
Stamford, CT
Waterside Liquor Store
Cashword 24 $25,000
10/19/2016 Daniel Niziankiewicz
South Windsor, CT
Oakland Express
South Windsor
Lucky Links Day $50,000
10/19/2016 Michele Cates
Danbury, CT
Rt 6 Mail Room
$100,000 Cashword 7 $10,000
10/19/2016 Phyllis Weaver
Middletown, CT
Stop & Shop #606
Lotto! $1,691,582
10/19/2016 Frederico Davis
Willington, CT
Stop & Shop #606
Lotto! $1,691,582
10/18/2016 Anthony Diverniero Jr
Woodbridge, CT
Henny Penny #35
Play4 Night $12,604
10/18/2016 Federico Renna
Derby, CT
Main Street Shell
Keno $10,008
10/18/2016 James Ryan
Cheshire, CT
Cheshire Gas LLC
$200,000 Fortune $200,000
10/18/2016 Dominick Giannatasio
Trumbull, CT
Trumbull Food Mart LLC
10X Cash 11Th Ed. $10,000
10/18/2016 Jeffrey Sheldon
East Windsor, CT
Sunrise Convenience Store
Gold Premium Play $50,000
10/17/2016 Michael Moyer
Trumbull, CT
Edip Variety & Deli
10X Cash 11Th Ed. $10,000
10/17/2016 Willie Shelton Jr
Manchester, CT
Ayaan Food & Fuel LLC
Play4 Day $12,604
10/17/2016 Michael Cruz
Meriden, CT
West Main St Gas & Food Mart
$10,000 Cash $10,000
10/17/2016 Caren Henderson
West Palm Beach, FL
Stew Leonard's Norwalk
10X Cash 11Th Ed. $10,000
10/17/2016 Easter Miles
Orange, CT
Depalma Petroleum & Mini Mart
West Haven
$10,000 Cash $10,000
10/17/2016 Jose Gomez Barrera
Stamford, CT
Broad Street Shell
Super Cashword 18 $50,000
10/17/2016 Richard Cruz
Bridgeport, CT
Cumberland Farms #4736
10X Cash 11Th Ed. $10,000
10/17/2016 Ezzard Haynes
Middletown, CT
Berlin Convenience & Deli
East Berlin
Play4 Day $38,020
10/14/2016 Stephanie Patterson
Stamford, CT
Crossroad Card & Gift
$10,000 Cash $10,000
10/14/2016 Walter Pozarlik
Shelton, CT
Cumberland Farms #4709
10X Cash 11Th Ed. $10,000
10/14/2016 Randolph Howell
Bristol, CT
Avon Citgo LLC
Cash5 $100,000
10/14/2016 Misty Reyes
Oakville, CT
7 Eleven Store #11491A
20X Cash 2Nd Ed $10,000
10/13/2016 C Foote
Hartford, CT
Road Runners
Rocky Hill
Play4 Day $10,000
10/13/2016 Gabriele Chiulli
Bridgeport, CT
Edip Variety & Deli
$3,000,000 Royale $10,000
10/13/2016 Jaclyn Mollo
Stamford, CT
Cumberland Farms #4756
Star $50,000
10/13/2016 Andy Ramos Contreras
West Haven, CT
Best Mini Market
New Haven
$10,000 Cash $10,000
10/12/2016 Sergio Forlini
Greenwich, CT
East Putnam Variety
30X Cash 3Rd Ed. $30,000
10/12/2016 Eryk Cavanaugh
New Haven, CT
Lombard Deli Grocery
New Haven
Bingo Extra $15,000
10/11/2016 Maria Boyd
Woodstock, CT
Cumberland Farms #4595
20X Cash 2Nd Ed $20,000
10/11/2016 Edward Morrissey Jr
Milford, CT
Milford Store
Bonus Numbers 2Nd Ed. $20,000
10/11/2016 Thomas Biroscak
Stratford, CT
Stop & Shop #629
10X Cash 11Th Ed. $10,000
10/11/2016 Bavan Rannakopal
Norwalk, CT
Shell Food Mart
Keno $30,000
10/11/2016 Brian Quinn
Seymour, CT
Double R Inc
Cashingo $30,000
10/11/2016 Salvador Valencia Jr
Norwalk, CT
Alexa Grocery
10X Cash 11Th Ed. $10,000
10/11/2016 Michele Sukatski
Stamford, CT
Super Stop & Shop #646
10X Cash 11Th Ed. $10,000

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Kensington Man Becomes the CT Lottery’s First ‘Star’ $1,000,000 Winner of 2017
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Meriden Resident Cashes an Extra $50,000 ‘Lucky Links’ Top Prize for the Holidays
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