The winning stories and photos on these pages are just a small number of thousands who claim prizes. In our most recent year, players won more than $699 million in prize money! The fact is, everyday people win every day with the CT Lottery! Here is a partial list of recent winners of prizes worth $10,000 or more:
10/31/2013 Dennis Piazza
Wallingford, CT
High Street Shell
East Hartford
30X Cash $10,000
10/31/2013 Melvin Brown Jr
Waterbury, CT
Cumberland Farms #4668
Powerball $10,000
10/30/2013 Bernardino Marini
Bridgeport, CT
Glastonbury Global
10X Cash 8Th Edition $10,000
10/30/2013 John Tierpack
New Britain, CT
Corbin Food Mart LLC
New Britain
30X Cash $30,000
10/30/2013 Suzanne Wade
Waterbury, CT
Sams Food Store
$10,000 Score $10,000
10/29/2013 A Wilson
East Hartford, CT
Town & Country Package Store
East Hartford
20X The Cash 6Th Ed $20,000
10/29/2013 Jianqiang Hu
Madison, CT
Madison Mobil
Powerball $10,000
10/29/2013 Fredis Alfaro
Norwalk, CT
In & Out Variety
10X Cash 8Th Edition $10,000
10/29/2013 Peter Plocharsky
Burlington, CT
Stop And Go
Cash Extravaganza $10,000
10/29/2013 Jean Butler
Jewett City, CT
Better Val-U
Cashword 21 $25,000
10/28/2013 William Stepney
Morris, CT
Towne Apothecary LLC
Lucky For Life $390,000
10/28/2013 Jessica Consolini
Torrington, CT
Sam's Food Store
10X Cash 8Th Edition $10,000
10/28/2013 Thomas Yates
Wilton, CT
Super 7 Food Market
Jewel 7S $10,000
10/28/2013 Desiree Eutsey
Groton, CT
Roomi Food Plus
Cashword 21 $25,000
10/28/2013 Mirsad Bojic
Shelton, CT
Krauszer's Food Store
East Windsor
$3,000,000 Riches $30,000
10/28/2013 Nelson Bridges
Mansfield Center, CT
$1,000,000 Jackpot $100,000
10/28/2013 Susan Goldstein
Westport, CT
Merrit Country Store
Pinball Payout $20,000
10/28/2013 Yassir Raki
Meriden, CT
S And F Grocers LLC
$100,000 Cashword 5 $10,000
10/25/2013 Deborah Murray
Bethel, CT
Haris And Razi Petroleum LLC
$100,000 Cashword 5 $100,000
10/25/2013 Frank Davis
Hamden, CT
Krauszer's Food Stores
West Haven
Bonus Ball Bingo $25,000
10/25/2013 Ronald Fryer
Preston, CT
Franklin Getty
30X Cash $10,000
10/25/2013 Radcliffe Lawrence
Manchester, CT
Main Street Food Mart
East Hartford
Powerball $10,000
10/24/2013 David Siano
Longmeadow, MA
Good Life Liquors LLC
New Britain
Platinum $20,000
10/23/2013 Stephen Athanasiou
Seymour, CT
Johns Deli Inc
$3,000,000 Riches $10,000
10/22/2013 Sharon Mainville
Manchester, CT
Forest Package Store Inc.
10X Cash 8Th Edition $10,000
10/22/2013 Jose Morales
Meriden, CT
Gas N Food Sunoco
Cash5 $100,000
10/22/2013 Claude Bisson
Naugatuck, CT
Eagle Mini Mart Ii Inc
North Haven
30X Cash $10,000
10/21/2013 George Delgiudice
Wallingford, CT
Exxon With Car Wash
West Hartford
20X The Cash 5Th Edition $20,000
10/21/2013 James Jennings
Waterbury, CT
Ultra Food & Fuel
Cash5 $100,000
10/21/2013 Natasha Rosenbloom
Clinton, CT
Stop & Shop #652
10X Cash 8Th Edition $10,000
10/21/2013 Cheng Lai Ching
Norwich, CT
Krauszers Food Store
East Haven
Cash5 $100,000
10/21/2013 Jordannicole Marquis
Bristol, CT
Stafford News & Variety
30X Cash $30,000
10/18/2013 Stephanie Pelouze
Cromwell, CT
Berlin Convenience & Deli
East Berlin
30X Cash $10,000
10/18/2013 Nancy Chetko
Bethlehem, CT
Bethlehem Spirit Shop LLC
Mega Millions $10,000
10/18/2013 Arturo Segura
Stamford, CT
Wash Works
10X Cash 8Th Edition $10,000
10/17/2013 Manuela Lazo
Danbury, CT
Ed's Cigar Box
Ny Giants $50,000
10/16/2013 Michael Kleszcz
Plantsville, CT
The Little Red Store
$3,000,000 Riches $30,000
10/16/2013 Pedro Coelho
Mount Vernon, NY
Tropical Liquor Store
Cash5 $100,000
10/16/2013 Pedro Coelho
Mount Vernon, NY
Tropical Liquor Store
Cash5 $100,000
10/16/2013 John Santos
Milford, CT
I Mart
$10,000 Score $10,000
10/16/2013 Raul Cosio
Ridgefield, CT
Stew Leonard's Danbury
Powerball $10,000
10/16/2013 Javan Wright
Hartford, CT
Shell Albany Ave
Cash5 $100,000
10/15/2013 Ezekiel Majak
New Haven, CT
Express Food Mart #A14
New Haven
$100,000 Cashword 5 $10,000
10/15/2013 Brian Deming
Broad Brook, CT
A Plus Sunoco
East Windsor
20X The Cash 6Th Ed $20,000
10/15/2013 Janice Koonce
New Haven, CT
Around The Clock Inc
New Haven
Blackout Bingo, 2Nd Ed $10,000
10/15/2013 Margaret Irizarry
Miami, FL
Cumberland Farms #4738
Jewel 7S $277,777
10/15/2013 Ryan Guimond
Meriden, CT
Branhaven Sunoco
30X Cash $10,000
10/15/2013 Caley Talbot
Cheshire, CT
Cheshire Package Store
Jewel 7S $10,000
10/15/2013 Caley Talbot
Cheshire, CT
Cheshire Package Store
$10,000 Score $10,000
10/15/2013 Qian Yong Li
New Milford, CT
Royal Tobacco
New Milford
7 $77,777

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Winner Image 0
Kensington Resident Celebrates “Lucky for Life” $25,000 a Year for Life 2nd Prize Win
Winner Image 1
Early Bird Catches the Cash5 $100,000 Top Prize in Bristol
Winner Image 2
No Fooling—Enfield Man Wins $100,000 “Cash5” Lottery Prize on April 1
Winner Image 3
Lottery Lightning Strikes Twice at ShopRite of Southington
Winner Image 4
Stratford Resident Finds a Motto and Wins $100,000 Lottery Prize!
Winner Image 5
Manchester Resident Wins CT’s “50/50 Super Draw” $242,560 Top Prize
Winner Image 6
East Hartford Man Purchases $3,000,000 Winning Scratch Ticket to Retirement
Winner Image 7
Lucky Monroe Man Wins $10,000 A MONTH FOR LIFE Prize!
Winner Image 8
Norwalk Resident Claims $1,000,000 New Year’s Super Draw Prize
Winner Image 9
East Hartford Couple Claim CT’s Fifth “$25,000 a Year for Life” 2nd Prize Win
Winner Image 10
Oh Baby—Manchester Couple Wins $30,000 Prize in Last Night's Powerball Drawing!
Winner Image 11
Happy Birthday Numbers are a Lucky Match for “$25,000 a Year for Life” Prize Win
Winner Image 12
AHA! New Britain Resident Discovers $50,000 Lottery Prize Win
Winner Image 13
New Haven Resident Claims $20,000 “Super Draw” Prize
Winner Image 14
Oxford Resident Scores “New York Giants 2nd Chance Drawing” First Prize
Winner Image 15
Bristol Resident Claims Powerball $1,000,000 Prize Winning Ticket for Dec. 21
Winner Image 16
Lucky “Friday the 13th” $1,000,000 Mega Millions Prize is Claimed at CT Lottery Headquarters
Winner Image 17
ShopRite of East Haven Sells $1,000,000 Powerball Prize Winning Ticket
Winner Image 18
Shelton Man Claims $1,000,000 Mega Millions Prize Winning Ticket from Dec. 10 Drawing
Winner Image 19
$20,000 Lottery Prize Gives Prospect Woman a Reason to Dance

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