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CASHINGO 2ND EDITION ◄ back # 1361
Game Start: 09/08/2016
Ticket Price: $3
Top Prize: $30,000
Game End: 12/05/2018
Last Day To Redeem: 06/03/2019
Approx. # of Tickets: 2,000,000
Overall Odds: 1 in 3.86
Game Status: Ended
Remaining Unclaimed Prizes as of 05/26/2019
Probability based on number of tickets available for a game rather than on individual purchases.
How to Play
1. Scratch the YOUR LETTERS box to reveal your 18 letters. 
2. Scratch corresponding letters in ALL FOUR (4) WORDS.
3. If you reveal 1 or more complete WORD(S), win the prize indicated in the WORD PRIZE KEY.
4. Scratch the corresponding box below each of the uncovered letters (that were matched with a letter in the uncovered YOUR LETTERS play area) in WORD 1 - WORD 4 to reveal a bingo number. 
5. Scratch the numbers on BINGO CARDS 1 and 2 that match the bingo numbers revealed below the uncovered letters in WORD 1 - WORD 4. 
HOW TO WIN on each of the 2 "BINGO" cards.
LINE BINGO - Match all numbers in a complete vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line (5 numbers or 4 numbers plus the "FREE" space).
4 CORNERS BINGO - Match all numbers in all 4 corners (4 numbers). 
"X" PATTERN BINGO - Match all numbers to complete an "X" pattern (8 numbers plus the "FREE" space). 
6. See the Prize Legend below the individual "BINGO" cards on the front of this ticket to determine your BINGO PRIZE won. 
7. Combine your WORD PRIZE with your BINGO PRIZE(S) to determine your total prize won.  

Only the highest prize won paid in the WORD PRIZE KEY and in each BINGO CARD prize legend. 

NOTE: You may win up to 3 Prizes on this ticket, but you cannot win more than one WORD Prize or one Prize on each BINGO card.
Use your GameSense. Purchasers must be 18 or older.
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