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  • KENO is a draw game displayed on a KENO flat panel monitor at your location.
  • Drawings occur every 4 minutes.
  • KENO is a playslip driven game with minimal impact on your staff.

The Lottery system was very easy for myself and my staff to learn.

– Sue Kelly, Owner
Kelly’s on Campbell, West Haven


  • Your customers will love KENO. It’s fun paced, and there are lots of ways to win. You’ll not only win over existing customers, but attract new ones, as well.
  • KENO Bars/Restaurants have seen an increase in their food and beverage sales as customers are more engaged and entertained during their visit - they stay longer - purchase more.

KENO has been absolutely phenomenal in all regards. We have seen an increase in both our food an alcohol sales, and have also seen an increase in total number of customers as well.

– Thomas Parker, Owner
Yarde Tavern, Enfield

My Customers love KENO! My regulars play and I’ve noticed a lot of new customers also coming to play. It’s been a real asset for my business, and I’ve seen an increase in my food and beverage sales.

– Dave Barone, Owner
Barone’s Sports Café, Seymour 


  • Earn 5% commission on every ticket you sell, and receive an extra 1% commission on every ticket you cash.
  • Sell a winning ticket over $10,000 and get a 1% bonus commission - up to a $100,000 bonus.
  • Every week you receive commissions and get reimbursed for any cash payouts.


KENO produces frequent winners. Most prizes paid out are likely to be “churned” right back to you
through more food and beverage sales, and tips to the wait staff.

Our customers really enjoy KENO, in particular our regulars. I enjoy interacting with the customers, and I really enjoy the extra tips.

– Michelle Loiler, Bartender
Roma Pizza & Restaurant, Middletown


Increase your core business and profits with the fun and excitement of KENO today.

The summer time is our slow season, however since adding KENO, we have seen more customers than we are used to seeing during this time of year. KENO has been great for my business, and I would highly recommend it to anyone. There is absolutely no downside to at least giving it a try.

– Sue Kelly, Owner
Kelly's on Campbell, West Haven

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