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Winning numbers are posted within several hours after each drawing. Actual prize payouts for any drawing can be found on the Winning Numbers page for that game. Draw game prizes expire 180 calendar days from the drawing date.
WINNING NUMBERS are posted to this website within several hours after each drawing.  Actual prize payouts for any drawing can be found on the Winning Numbers page for that game. Draw game prizes expire 180 calendar days from the drawing date.

DRAWING VIDEOS may be viewed by clicking on any winning numbers link found below.  Drawings may also be viewed by clicking here.
DatePlay3Play4Cash55 Card CashLucky for LifeLotto!Mega MillionsPowerball
09/19/2014Day: Pending
Night: Pending
Day: Pending
Night: Pending
PendingPendingNo DrawPendingPendingNo Draw
09/18/2014Day: 223
Night: 853
Day: 0910
Night: 6159
07-10-12-13-31King of Hearts Six of Hearts Ten of Diamonds Four of Spades Five of Spades13-31-34-35-36
No DrawNo DrawNo Draw
09/17/2014Day: 953
Night: 523
Day: 2517
Night: 7062
01-14-15-17-35Seven of Clubs Five of Clubs Seven of Hearts Ace of Clubs Seven of SpadesNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw18-25-36-48-50
PB23 PP2
09/16/2014Day: 963
Night: 585
Day: 5813
Night: 1995
01-13-23-26-33Six of Diamonds Eight of Spades Two of Hearts Seven of Diamonds Queen of ClubsNo Draw02-09-12-15-35-4125-45-51-53-73
MB02 MP2
No Draw
09/15/2014Day: 060
Night: 037
Day: 6927
Night: 8360
05-22-30-32-33Jack of Diamonds King of Clubs Nine of Hearts Ace of Diamonds Four of Diamonds06-09-14-35-38
No DrawNo DrawNo Draw
09/14/2014Day: 507
Night: 171
Day: 0149
Night: 9674
06-13-20-27-31Jack of Spades Four of Clubs Ace of Spades King of Spades Nine of ClubsNo DrawNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw
09/13/2014Day: 348
Night: 251
Day: 7909
Night: 3291
03-07-12-18-20Jack of Hearts Six of Spades Three of Hearts Queen of Spades Two of DiamondsNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw01-06-16-37-53
PB27 PP3
09/12/2014Day: 890
Night: 087
Day: 9806
Night: 1651
04-07-15-26-29Nine of Hearts Seven of Hearts Eight of Diamonds Jack of Hearts Five of SpadesNo Draw12-18-30-31-40-4318-28-33-36-42
MB07 MP3
No Draw
09/11/2014Day: 992
Night: 296
Day: 4475
Night: 6257
03-08-14-19-28Five of Clubs King of Spades King of Hearts Nine of Spades Ace of Spades05-12-13-39-41
No DrawNo DrawNo Draw
09/10/2014Day: 353
Night: 891
Day: 5702
Night: 0381
09-11-17-21-26Queen of Hearts Ten of Hearts Queen of Diamonds Two of Diamonds Five of SpadesNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw02-14-39-40-43
PB13 PP5
09/09/2014Day: 448
Night: 555
Day: 2281
Night: 3306
01-04-09-16-23Ace of Clubs Ten of Spades Jack of Clubs King of Hearts Eight of DiamondsNo Draw06-08-36-38-40-4225-34-55-70-71
MB01 MP4
No Draw
09/08/2014Day: 311
Night: 385
Day: 1960
Night: 6640
01-04-27-29-32King of Hearts Ace of Clubs Ten of Spades Seven of Diamonds Nine of Clubs01-03-12-20-38
No DrawNo DrawNo Draw
09/07/2014Day: 641
Night: 823
Day: 5792
Night: 5198
10-25-28-30-32Queen of Diamonds Jack of Spades Jack of Hearts Two of Clubs Nine of ClubsNo DrawNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw
09/06/2014Day: 567
Night: 377
Day: 5236
Night: 1517
03-05-13-29-35Five of Diamonds Two of Clubs Nine of Spades Four of Hearts Queen of SpadesNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw09-29-31-43-50
PB18 PP2
DatePlay3Play4Cash55 Card CashLucky for LifeLotto!Mega MillionsPowerball
09/05/2014Day: 006
Night: 791
Day: 8783
Night: 4295
11-20-27-29-30Seven of Diamonds Three of Diamonds Queen of Spades Ace of Clubs Jack of SpadesNo Draw15-21-23-33-39-4207-12-20-24-59
MB07 MP2
No Draw
09/04/2014Day: 843
Night: 373
Day: 8398
Night: 8051
03-07-11-32-35Six of Diamonds Three of Diamonds Four of Clubs Jack of Diamonds Queen of Clubs01-07-19-26-29
No DrawNo DrawNo Draw
09/03/2014Day: 700
Night: 678
Day: 7275
Night: 1704
01-10-11-13-34Queen of Spades Seven of Clubs Ace of Diamonds Five of Diamonds Ace of HeartsNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw02-16-43-45-51
PB35 PP3
09/02/2014Day: 576
Night: 494
Day: 2048
Night: 6862
03-04-08-11-28Nine of Clubs Five of Clubs Nine of Hearts Two of Clubs Eight of ClubsNo Draw01-11-22-32-36-3701-08-54-69-72
MB01 MP3
No Draw
09/01/2014Day: 945
Night: 834
Day: 3081
Night: 4217
04-05-09-15-35Nine of Spades King of Diamonds Nine of Clubs Jack of Clubs Jack of Diamonds03-12-17-31-33
No DrawNo DrawNo Draw
08/31/2014Day: 225
Night: 423
Day: 3840
Night: 2529
15-19-21-23-25Jack of Hearts Ace of Spades Nine of Clubs Two of Hearts Queen of SpadesNo DrawNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw
08/30/2014Day: 389
Night: 758
Day: 0794
Night: 3443
06-09-15-18-24Four of Spades Four of Clubs Jack of Spades Three of Clubs Three of DiamondsNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw05-28-31-52-59
PB27 PP2
08/29/2014Day: 973
Night: 625
Day: 1787
Night: 0605
10-12-15-18-22Six of Spades Nine of Diamonds King of Diamonds Jack of Spades Seven of HeartsNo Draw04-09-30-38-42-4403-26-45-58-73
MB12 MP2
No Draw
08/28/2014Day: 052
Night: 603
Day: 5824
Night: 1257
13-14-27-30-31Seven of Diamonds Six of Diamonds Eight of Spades Nine of Hearts Jack of Diamonds06-08-15-18-33
No DrawNo DrawNo Draw
08/27/2014Day: 208
Night: 760
Day: 0732
Night: 2624
06-14-17-23-31Nine of Diamonds Seven of Hearts Three of Hearts Five of Spades Eight of ClubsNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw17-24-26-45-46
PB19 PP3
08/26/2014Day: 783
Night: 500
Day: 7427
Night: 7519
01-05-14-21-34Four of Hearts King of Diamonds Jack of Diamonds Queen of Clubs Seven of ClubsNo Draw04-17-27-30-32-3329-31-51-60-64
MB01 MP5
No Draw
08/25/2014Day: 309
Night: 582
Day: 5398
Night: 2038
05-10-12-24-30Eight of Diamonds Seven of Clubs Five of Spades Ten of Clubs Queen of Spades07-20-23-32-33
No DrawNo DrawNo Draw
08/24/2014Day: 945
Night: 319
Day: 9155
Night: 9292
03-05-15-26-27Eight of Clubs Three of Diamonds Queen of Hearts Ace of Clubs Seven of HeartsNo DrawNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw
08/23/2014Day: 859
Night: 676
Day: 2801
Night: 7885
05-17-20-26-29Two of Clubs Ace of Hearts Three of Hearts Jack of Hearts Ten of DiamondsNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw28-32-35-36-52
PB31 PP3
DatePlay3Play4Cash55 Card CashLucky for LifeLotto!Mega MillionsPowerball
08/22/2014Day: 703
Night: 608
Day: 8056
Night: 3087
10-11-17-29-31Seven of Spades Six of Spades Queen of Spades Four of Diamonds Eight of DiamondsNo Draw01-05-20-25-32-4105-31-34-41-74
MB03 MP5
No Draw
08/21/2014Day: 321
Night: 955
Day: 2708
Night: 3074
02-22-27-33-34Ten of Spades Ace of Spades Two of Spades Queen of Clubs Ten of Hearts02-06-27-42-43
No DrawNo DrawNo Draw
08/20/2014Day: 314
Night: 293
Day: 7631
Night: 5408
02-06-31-33-34Eight of Spades Four of Hearts Six of Diamonds Seven of Clubs Ace of HeartsNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw04-08-21-38-40
PB03 PP2
08/19/2014Day: 378
Night: 311
Day: 0911
Night: 8911
21-22-25-28-34Four of Diamonds King of Hearts King of Spades Nine of Spades Three of ClubsNo Draw02-10-20-27-37-3922-39-56-67-71
MB15 MP4
No Draw
08/18/2014Day: 596
Night: 242
Day: 8393
Night: 4587
05-10-13-23-27Seven of Spades Three of Diamonds Eight of Clubs Two of Hearts Ten of Diamonds02-06-14-35-36
No DrawNo DrawNo Draw
08/17/2014Day: 670
Night: 666
Day: 2329
Night: 0443
14-16-18-27-30Eight of Spades Jack of Spades Three of Spades Seven of Spades Nine of SpadesNo DrawNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw
08/16/2014Day: 045
Night: 163
Day: 5349
Night: 3498
10-16-20-23-35Nine of Spades Four of Spades Nine of Clubs King of Hearts Jack of DiamondsNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw07-08-17-48-59
PB09 PP2
08/15/2014Day: 064
Night: 506
Day: 7070
Night: 5442
06-18-22-27-31Two of Hearts Jack of Diamonds Six of Hearts King of Diamonds Seven of DiamondsNo Draw05-09-12-18-40-4216-19-28-29-68
MB09 MP2
No Draw
08/14/2014Day: 116
Night: 630
Day: 9228
Night: 8780
04-09-15-27-31King of Hearts Three of Diamonds Five of Hearts Ace of Spades Nine of Diamonds13-17-23-32-36
No DrawNo DrawNo Draw
08/13/2014Day: 954
Night: 298
Day: 7158
Night: 6536
02-07-11-27-35Eight of Hearts Five of Spades Four of Diamonds Queen of Diamonds Ten of ClubsNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw08-37-39-40-52
PB24 PP2
08/12/2014Day: 567
Night: 921
Day: 5042
Night: 9683
02-07-08-23-26Queen of Hearts Four of Spades Five of Clubs Eight of Diamonds King of ClubsNo Draw07-08-09-12-26-3832-53-60-63-68
MB06 MP4
No Draw
08/11/2014Day: 071
Night: 049
Day: 8456
Night: 0032
04-05-07-13-34Queen of Diamonds Four of Clubs King of Hearts Queen of Hearts Three of Diamonds09-12-28-37-42
No DrawNo DrawNo Draw
08/10/2014Day: 194
Night: 548
Day: 9847
Night: 6447
05-14-15-20-24Nine of Hearts Jack of Diamonds Four of Diamonds Ten of Diamonds Six of DiamondsNo DrawNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw
08/09/2014Day: 162
Night: 010
Day: 3419
Night: 7867
07-14-19-28-30Two of Clubs Queen of Diamonds Five of Diamonds Nine of Spades Ace of SpadesNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw03-12-31-34-51
PB24 PP2
DatePlay3Play4Cash55 Card CashLucky for LifeLotto!Mega MillionsPowerball
08/08/2014Day: 122
Night: 744
Day: 2784
Night: 0470
01-12-16-25-32Queen of Hearts Jack of Diamonds Six of Clubs Eight of Clubs Ten of DiamondsNo Draw03-07-11-21-36-4109-16-61-70-75
MB07 MP5
No Draw
08/07/2014Day: 814
Night: 315
Day: 1670
Night: 5777
03-05-09-14-28Seven of Spades Two of Diamonds Seven of Diamonds Queen of Spades Three of Diamonds01-10-23-24-41
No DrawNo DrawNo Draw
08/06/2014Day: 861
Night: 058
Day: 2535
Night: 0948
06-09-13-16-34Jack of Clubs Four of Diamonds Nine of Spades Four of Clubs Three of SpadesNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw01-08-24-28-49
PB24 PP5
08/05/2014Day: 277
Night: 349
Day: 7394
Night: 6458
03-07-12-19-22Ten of Spades Three of Hearts King of Spades Jack of Hearts Two of ClubsNo Draw08-14-23-31-32-3525-28-36-45-53
MB06 MP5
No Draw
08/04/2014Day: 388
Night: 530
Day: 5191
Night: 3475
07-11-13-19-30King of Diamonds Eight of Hearts Nine of Diamonds Six of Diamonds Four of Diamonds20-30-36-38-43
No DrawNo DrawNo Draw
08/03/2014Day: 738
Night: 708
Day: 2184
Night: 3215
10-24-26-28-32Seven of Spades Ten of Hearts King of Clubs Six of Clubs King of SpadesNo DrawNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw
08/02/2014Day: 380
Night: 060
Day: 3403
Night: 1758
02-07-12-15-30Six of Spades Ten of Clubs Four of Diamonds Jack of Spades Three of ClubsNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw12-26-44-46-47
PB29 PP2
08/01/2014Day: 868
Night: 924
Day: 2124
Night: 0207
04-11-14-22-35Four of Hearts Nine of Clubs Six of Spades Queen of Diamonds Six of DiamondsNo Draw02-13-17-23-27-3413-29-34-37-72
MB06 MP5
No Draw
07/31/2014Day: 508
Night: 574
Day: 9909
Night: 6717
06-09-23-27-33Two of Spades Six of Spades Five of Clubs Six of Clubs Nine of Hearts04-11-15-33-38
No DrawNo DrawNo Draw
07/30/2014Day: 106
Night: 580
Day: 6893
Night: 4757
08-10-11-25-35Eight of Clubs Queen of Spades Seven of Clubs Two of Hearts Ten of DiamondsNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw13-30-42-49-53
PB29 PP3
07/29/2014Day: 669
Night: 492
Day: 4795
Night: 6829
05-06-12-22-31Three of Clubs Ace of Diamonds King of Hearts Nine of Hearts Three of SpadesNo Draw08-10-26-27-31-3302-08-16-43-74
MB01 MP4
No Draw
07/28/2014Day: 573
Night: 148
Day: 9063
Night: 9137
01-05-12-26-33King of Diamonds King of Hearts Ace of Diamonds Queen of Diamonds Seven of Spades04-07-17-19-27
No DrawNo DrawNo Draw
07/27/2014Day: 604
Night: 870
Day: 3422
Night: 2706
09-14-23-26-29Ace of Hearts Two of Spades King of Diamonds Ace of Spades Six of DiamondsNo DrawNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw
07/26/2014Day: 026
Night: 400
Day: 1431
Night: 6081
03-26-29-32-35Three of Hearts Five of Spades Ten of Clubs Two of Diamonds Ten of DiamondsNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw24-28-30-38-39
PB16 PP2
DatePlay3Play4Cash55 Card CashLucky for LifeLotto!Mega MillionsPowerball
07/25/2014Day: 229
Night: 827
Day: 2224
Night: 9002
01-08-16-21-28Two of Hearts Eight of Diamonds Nine of Clubs Four of Diamonds Three of ClubsNo Draw15-24-26-32-37-4022-29-33-41-68
MB12 MP5
No Draw
07/24/2014Day: 921
Night: 305
Day: 9023
Night: 6678
07-15-20-29-30Seven of Clubs Seven of Diamonds Jack of Clubs Four of Spades Five of Spades10-13-16-28-32
No DrawNo DrawNo Draw
07/23/2014Day: 440
Night: 139
Day: 2572
Night: 1536
08-11-15-18-21Four of Diamonds King of Diamonds Three of Hearts Jack of Spades Ace of HeartsNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw04-10-12-22-31
PB03 PP5
07/22/2014Day: 919
Night: 584
Day: 7955
Night: 4638
06-11-20-21-23Nine of Clubs Eight of Hearts Seven of Spades Ace of Clubs Four of SpadesNo Draw07-26-28-29-32-4414-18-22-31-47
MB15 MP3
No Draw
07/21/2014Day: 213
Night: 479
Day: 2238
Night: 9994
07-13-18-26-28Six of Diamonds Two of Spades Jack of Hearts Three of Hearts Ten of Clubs02-17-19-22-40
No DrawNo DrawNo Draw
07/20/2014Day: 199
Night: 696
Day: 0116
Night: 8224
01-13-21-24-31Four of Diamonds Ten of Diamonds Nine of Spades Three of Spades Nine of DiamondsNo DrawNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw
07/19/2014Day: 551
Night: 302
Day: 0886
Night: 5654
05-07-10-14-19Jack of Hearts Five of Clubs Ace of Hearts Nine of Hearts Two of ClubsNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw10-17-25-45-53
PB09 PP2
07/18/2014Day: 856
Night: 533
Day: 0183
Night: 7135
01-27-29-30-35Six of Diamonds Seven of Hearts Seven of Clubs Two of Clubs Eight of ClubsNo Draw03-12-21-24-25-3705-08-59-65-72
MB03 MP3
No Draw
07/17/2014Day: 967
Night: 952
Day: 5652
Night: 3849
03-06-10-18-23Ace of Spades Seven of Diamonds Seven of Spades Four of Hearts Jack of Spades13-16-18-23-35
No DrawNo DrawNo Draw
07/16/2014Day: 835
Night: 307
Day: 6930
Night: 6902
01-19-30-33-34Queen of Clubs Six of Diamonds Ace of Diamonds Eight of Diamonds Eight of HeartsNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw05-15-18-26-32
PB35 PP3
07/15/2014Day: 007
Night: 708
Day: 2565
Night: 3204
11-20-24-26-28Jack of Diamonds Three of Hearts Two of Spades Two of Diamonds Jack of SpadesNo Draw04-08-14-36-40-4402-04-17-36-40
MB05 MP2
No Draw
07/14/2014Day: 565
Night: 607
Day: 2379
Night: 8033
01-03-08-16-35Two of Hearts Three of Hearts Nine of Clubs Eight of Spades Ten of Clubs15-18-26-27-43
No DrawNo DrawNo Draw
07/13/2014Day: 793
Night: 374
Day: 2315
Night: 4742
10-15-17-30-35Nine of Hearts Two of Clubs Nine of Clubs Three of Hearts Ten of ClubsNo DrawNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw
07/12/2014Day: 812
Night: 848
Day: 2997
Night: 2349
08-11-18-31-32Four of Diamonds Nine of Hearts Ten of Clubs Six of Clubs Five of HeartsNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw02-03-07-23-51
PB26 PP2
DatePlay3Play4Cash55 Card CashLucky for LifeLotto!Mega MillionsPowerball
07/11/2014Day: 182
Night: 396
Day: 0617
Night: 6317
04-26-27-28-32Ace of Clubs Five of Clubs King of Hearts King of Spades Three of HeartsNo Draw03-04-11-17-25-2809-13-30-35-69
MB10 MP5
No Draw
07/10/2014Day: 471
Night: 537
Day: 8529
Night: 4140
04-05-13-26-28Three of Diamonds Five of Clubs Two of Diamonds Jack of Diamonds Queen of Hearts03-14-19-24-34
No DrawNo DrawNo Draw
07/09/2014Day: 891
Night: 732
Day: 7666
Night: 8308
16-17-22-29-35Eight of Hearts Seven of Clubs Queen of Spades Three of Diamonds Three of SpadesNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw09-25-42-55-57
PB14 PP2
07/08/2014Day: 446
Night: 861
Day: 9624
Night: 4958
01-02-03-04-09Ten of Hearts Six of Diamonds King of Spades Two of Hearts King of DiamondsNo Draw04-11-16-20-21-3814-25-27-48-49
MB09 MP5
No Draw
07/07/2014Day: 397
Night: 928
Day: 6230
Night: 8511
04-08-18-21-35King of Hearts Ace of Hearts Ten of Spades Two of Hearts Six of Diamonds01-17-21-25-27
No DrawNo DrawNo Draw
07/06/2014Day: 860
Night: 436
Day: 1447
Night: 3567
07-10-13-22-31King of Clubs Eight of Clubs King of Spades Five of Hearts Ace of SpadesNo DrawNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw
07/05/2014Day: 503
Night: 850
Day: 3673
Night: 8498
03-06-09-20-28Five of Clubs Seven of Clubs Eight of Hearts Seven of Hearts Jack of DiamondsNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw24-34-36-57-58
PB11 PP4
07/04/2014Day: 892
Night: 752
Day: 6761
Night: 7970
05-12-16-19-25Six of Clubs Nine of Hearts Two of Diamonds Seven of Hearts Nine of ClubsNo Draw08-13-23-30-39-4216-33-39-58-69
MB02 MP5
No Draw
07/03/2014Day: 174
Night: 281
Day: 2732
Night: 3696
04-09-10-20-26Nine of Diamonds Two of Clubs Three of Diamonds Nine of Spades Queen of Spades06-31-34-37-41
No DrawNo DrawNo Draw
07/02/2014Day: 556
Night: 457
Day: 2053
Night: 4105
09-15-20-21-25Two of Spades Two of Clubs Nine of Diamonds Nine of Hearts Nine of SpadesNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw08-18-45-53-58
PB35 PP2
07/01/2014Day: 667
Night: 807
Day: 5705
Night: 8729
03-04-22-26-34King of Diamonds Five of Hearts Seven of Hearts Six of Spades King of ClubsNo Draw08-15-32-37-40-4409-22-38-47-49
MB15 MP3
No Draw
06/30/2014Day: 696
Night: 176
Day: 0840
Night: 0371
15-22-26-28-35Jack of Clubs Four of Spades Eight of Clubs Jack of Spades Five of Hearts16-29-33-35-39
No DrawNo DrawNo Draw
06/29/2014Day: 896
Night: 829
Day: 8189
Night: 6464
03-09-25-26-28King of Clubs Four of Spades Five of Clubs Nine of Hearts Jack of HeartsNo DrawNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw
06/28/2014Day: 139
Night: 502
Day: 0571
Night: 1970
05-11-16-23-26Five of Hearts Nine of Clubs Ace of Diamonds Nine of Spades Three of SpadesNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw08-12-34-43-56
PB09 PP2
DatePlay3Play4Cash55 Card CashLucky for LifeLotto!Mega MillionsPowerball
06/27/2014Day: 981
Night: 244
Day: 6264
Night: 3885
04-06-26-29-34Five of Clubs Five of Spades Seven of Hearts Seven of Spades Three of HeartsNo Draw02-10-15-19-24-2615-29-31-46-64
MB10 MP3
No Draw
06/26/2014Day: 190
Night: 271
Day: 0975
Night: 3701
01-03-15-25-32Jack of Diamonds Six of Spades King of Spades Six of Diamonds Ten of Diamonds06-20-26-29-35
No DrawNo DrawNo Draw
06/25/2014Day: 809
Night: 019
Day: 3728
Night: 3927
09-11-18-33-34Seven of Clubs Seven of Diamonds Five of Diamonds Six of Clubs Jack of ClubsNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw10-20-25-50-53
PB35 PP4
06/24/2014Day: 761
Night: 352
Day: 0212
Night: 0542
01-02-04-10-15Two of Hearts Seven of Clubs Three of Diamonds Ten of Clubs Four of ClubsNo Draw15-17-18-22-27-3213-17-24-47-65
MB10 MP4
No Draw
06/23/2014Day: 465
Night: 973
Day: 4508
Night: 7773
05-10-14-16-17Four of Hearts Ace of Clubs Jack of Spades Seven of Diamonds Ten of Hearts05-20-35-38-40
No DrawNo DrawNo Draw
06/22/2014Day: 229
Night: 633
Day: 6372
Night: 4263
10-21-24-31-34Six of Diamonds Three of Spades Eight of Clubs Jack of Spades Two of ClubsNo DrawNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw
06/21/2014Day: 707
Night: 625
Day: 5680
Night: 3712
11-16-20-30-31Nine of Clubs Eight of Clubs Eight of Diamonds Three of Spades Two of HeartsNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw05-06-37-41-54
PB26 PP3
06/20/2014Day: 721
Night: 630
Day: 4377
Night: 5708
02-03-33-34-35Ten of Hearts Two of Hearts Four of Clubs Ace of Hearts Queen of DiamondsNo Draw06-09-14-15-35-4101-22-25-29-56
MB03 MP5
No Draw
06/19/2014Day: 351
Night: 028
Day: 4542
Night: 7980
09-24-29-31-34Ten of Spades Nine of Spades Six of Spades Three of Diamonds Seven of Spades01-28-38-39-41
No DrawNo DrawNo Draw
06/18/2014Day: 307
Night: 196
Day: 3019
Night: 2122
14-17-31-34-35Eight of Spades Eight of Diamonds Three of Diamonds Four of Clubs Jack of SpadesNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw06-09-29-52-59
PB07 PP3
06/17/2014Day: 429
Night: 265
Day: 8347
Night: 4500
12-28-29-30-33Nine of Diamonds Three of Clubs Ten of Clubs Nine of Clubs Two of HeartsNo Draw01-11-18-27-29-3410-14-24-47-60
MB03 MP4
No Draw
06/16/2014Day: 367
Night: 981
Day: 8910
Night: 0631
01-18-20-22-28Five of Spades Eight of Spades Nine of Spades Jack of Clubs King of Hearts01-22-23-31-38
No DrawNo DrawNo Draw
06/15/2014Day: 999
Night: 281
Day: 4489
Night: 8119
05-07-17-21-27Six of Spades Nine of Hearts Seven of Hearts Three of Diamonds Jack of HeartsNo DrawNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw
06/14/2014Day: 558
Night: 407
Day: 4884
Night: 9468
18-19-21-25-31Nine of Diamonds Eight of Spades Six of Spades Four of Spades King of HeartsNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw09-33-42-45-54
PB30 PP3
DatePlay3Play4Cash55 Card CashLucky for LifeLotto!Mega MillionsPowerball
06/13/2014Day: 355
Night: 588
Day: 4001
Night: 4571
07-21-24-34-35Two of Clubs Ten of Clubs Three of Clubs Five of Hearts Nine of DiamondsNo Draw04-13-15-22-23-3507-38-46-49-56
MB01 MP5
No Draw
06/12/2014Day: 812
Night: 637
Day: 8391
Night: 3075
05-15-20-21-26Queen of Clubs King of Diamonds Ace of Diamonds Jack of Diamonds Four of Hearts06-14-18-24-38
No DrawNo DrawNo Draw
06/11/2014Day: 434
Night: 889
Day: 4522
Night: 6322
04-09-24-26-31Six of Hearts Two of Diamonds Jack of Clubs Six of Clubs Seven of HeartsNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw14-18-25-33-49
PB23 PP5
06/10/2014Day: 390
Night: 286
Day: 4332
Night: 3618
05-19-27-28-35Eight of Hearts Five of Clubs Ten of Diamonds Seven of Clubs Jack of SpadesNo Draw05-17-23-25-27-3702-10-24-26-74
MB07 MP5
No Draw
06/09/2014Day: 851
Night: 627
Day: 6867
Night: 2181
05-06-09-12-26Nine of Clubs Two of Clubs Ten of Spades Eight of Hearts Nine of Diamonds03-09-28-36-37
No DrawNo DrawNo Draw
06/08/2014Day: 534
Night: 691
Day: 1517
Night: 6000
08-11-22-28-35Two of Clubs Nine of Hearts Five of Clubs Jack of Spades Queen of SpadesNo DrawNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw
06/07/2014Day: 536
Night: 766
Day: 4304
Night: 0351
07-08-09-23-30King of Clubs Eight of Clubs Eight of Hearts Ace of Clubs Ten of DiamondsNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw28-30-35-58-59
PB15 PP2
06/06/2014Day: 929
Night: 114
Day: 2171
Night: 0601
04-12-13-22-30King of Spades Two of Clubs Nine of Spades Four of Diamonds Ten of DiamondsNo Draw01-05-07-11-42-4412-29-37-49-72
MB09 MP4
No Draw
06/05/2014Day: 808
Night: 001
Day: 7623
Night: 6946
08-15-17-22-34Three of Hearts Seven of Hearts Four of Diamonds Three of Spades Two of Spades06-07-22-27-29
No DrawNo DrawNo Draw
06/04/2014Day: 267
Night: 623
Day: 5677
Night: 3896
01-18-19-26-27Three of Clubs Two of Diamonds Ten of Hearts King of Clubs Ten of ClubsNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw01-07-10-22-49
PB24 PP3
06/03/2014Day: 556
Night: 258
Day: 5240
Night: 3510
01-02-19-24-32Nine of Clubs Four of Spades Eight of Hearts Seven of Hearts Jack of HeartsNo Draw08-12-21-24-28-3019-28-62-66-74
MB06 MP3
No Draw
06/02/2014Day: 745
Night: 607
Day: 8855
Night: 7226
01-08-12-16-22Four of Clubs Ten of Diamonds Jack of Spades Ace of Spades Two of Clubs04-09-10-12-38
No DrawNo DrawNo Draw
06/01/2014Day: 647
Night: 800
Day: 8593
Night: 8664
02-10-12-32-34Eight of Spades Nine of Spades Eight of Hearts Three of Diamonds Four of HeartsNo DrawNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw
05/31/2014Day: 113
Night: 814
Day: 4916
Night: 6263
03-05-09-12-25Eight of Clubs Queen of Spades Queen of Clubs Eight of Spades Queen of DiamondsNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw15-27-31-34-48
PB01 PP2
DatePlay3Play4Cash55 Card CashLucky for LifeLotto!Mega MillionsPowerball
05/30/2014Day: 700
Night: 898
Day: 5111
Night: 0921
06-11-15-21-29Eight of Clubs Eight of Diamonds Five of Diamonds King of Hearts Three of ClubsNo Draw01-03-13-25-29-3910-13-42-43-62
MB02 MP4
No Draw
05/29/2014Day: 211
Night: 132
Day: 9201
Night: 6182
03-05-26-32-33Queen of Diamonds Five of Spades Three of Diamonds Two of Spades Ten of Diamonds01-15-16-17-28
No DrawNo DrawNo Draw
05/28/2014Day: 044
Night: 613
Day: 1508
Night: 3650
14-17-24-27-31Eight of Hearts Six of Clubs Queen of Clubs Ten of Clubs Nine of ClubsNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw02-24-28-32-59
PB25 PP3
05/27/2014Day: 636
Night: 516
Day: 2420
Night: 7961
02-04-08-20-27Queen of Clubs Two of Clubs Two of Diamonds Two of Spades Eight of ClubsNo Draw04-08-25-33-38-4101-06-10-46-58
MB13 MP2
No Draw
05/26/2014Day: 666
Night: 165
Day: 2256
Night: 5008
03-10-17-20-27Five of Spades Eight of Spades King of Spades Four of Hearts Three of Hearts16-19-22-38-42
No DrawNo DrawNo Draw
05/25/2014Day: 931
Night: 464
Day: 2251
Night: 5659
02-06-13-16-30King of Diamonds Four of Spades Ten of Spades King of Hearts Six of DiamondsNo DrawNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw
05/24/2014Day: 882
Night: 611
Day: 1609
Night: 8633
12-19-21-30-35Queen of Clubs Eight of Diamonds Ten of Clubs Seven of Clubs Two of HeartsNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw15-16-28-49-55
PB18 PP2
05/23/2014Day: 936
Night: 648
Day: 5749
Night: 9762
15-22-25-29-30Three of Diamonds Eight of Spades King of Clubs Five of Clubs Ace of HeartsNo Draw12-20-23-24-28-3412-14-21-38-70
MB15 MP4
No Draw
05/22/2014Day: 842
Night: 340
Day: 1737
Night: 7634
01-06-14-23-32Jack of Hearts Seven of Clubs Three of Hearts Eight of Hearts Five of Spades08-22-25-30-41
No DrawNo DrawNo Draw
05/21/2014Day: 985
Night: 256
Day: 1516
Night: 9055
08-10-15-19-26Four of Clubs Two of Hearts Jack of Diamonds Jack of Clubs Eight of HeartsNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw04-20-34-39-58
PB31 PP5
05/20/2014Day: 803
Night: 112
Day: 8398
Night: 0300
11-14-15-27-30Nine of Hearts Four of Diamonds Two of Spades Nine of Clubs Three of DiamondsNo Draw02-20-21-38-41-4210-40-63-64-69
MB07 MP2
No Draw
05/19/2014Day: 762
Night: 663
Day: 1667
Night: 2299
01-02-03-26-31Nine of Hearts Five of Hearts Eight of Diamonds Two of Diamonds Seven of Clubs21-29-30-33-34
No DrawNo DrawNo Draw
05/18/2014Day: 081
Night: 535
Day: 8290
Night: 2414
05-13-17-21-23Two of Hearts Jack of Spades Ace of Spades Queen of Spades Two of DiamondsNo DrawNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw
05/17/2014Day: 895
Night: 918
Day: 1180
Night: 5112
08-14-16-20-29Eight of Spades Five of Diamonds King of Hearts Ten of Hearts Ace of HeartsNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw23-32-39-47-49
PB22 PP3
DatePlay3Play4Cash55 Card CashLucky for LifeLotto!Mega MillionsPowerball
05/16/2014Day: 282
Night: 208
Day: 7549
Night: 3817
03-21-22-23-28King of Spades Ten of Hearts Queen of Clubs Three of Diamonds Eight of HeartsNo Draw15-22-24-34-42-4313-14-16-50-56
MB11 MP5
No Draw
05/15/2014Day: 140
Night: 747
Day: 7886
Night: 2074
01-06-27-30-34Nine of Hearts Two of Diamonds Five of Spades Ten of Diamonds Seven of Clubs19-20-28-35-42
No DrawNo DrawNo Draw
05/14/2014Day: 789
Night: 346
Day: 7298
Night: 3770
02-06-12-14-32Two of Clubs Ace of Hearts King of Hearts Five of Diamonds Six of ClubsNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw07-33-39-52-55
PB33 PP3
05/13/2014Day: 626
Night: 747
Day: 1401
Night: 6762
07-13-21-24-29Nine of Diamonds Jack of Hearts Three of Hearts Three of Spades Five of DiamondsNo Draw04-05-13-34-35-4237-46-48-70-74
MB01 MP2
No Draw
05/12/2014Day: 934
Night: 787
Day: 2767
Night: 1839
11-22-23-26-33King of Hearts Four of Diamonds Ten of Spades Queen of Clubs Ace of Hearts06-11-16-22-27
No DrawNo DrawNo Draw
05/11/2014Day: 384
Night: 228
Day: 0417
Night: 8777
05-07-13-17-29Two of Spades Four of Hearts Ten of Clubs Eight of Hearts Three of SpadesNo DrawNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw
05/10/2014Day: 031
Night: 134
Day: 2080
Night: 1302
07-09-12-22-29Eight of Spades Four of Clubs Four of Spades Nine of Clubs Six of SpadesNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw04-31-41-47-55
PB01 PP2
05/09/2014Day: 725
Night: 904
Day: 3457
Night: 6770
12-14-23-26-32Jack of Spades Eight of Diamonds Ten of Diamonds Ace of Hearts Four of SpadesNo Draw01-02-14-19-27-4210-28-39-51-59
MB14 MP2
No Draw
05/08/2014Day: 350
Night: 974
Day: 6692
Night: 5373
02-10-12-17-32Nine of Diamonds Seven of Hearts Ten of Spades Six of Clubs Eight of Spades08-25-26-32-41
No DrawNo DrawNo Draw
05/07/2014Day: 339
Night: 905
Day: 7789
Night: 4652
02-10-12-17-23Jack of Hearts Six of Hearts Nine of Spades Nine of Diamonds Ace of HeartsNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw17-29-31-48-49
PB34 PP2
05/06/2014Day: 833
Night: 853
Day: 1572
Night: 7825
03-11-20-23-27Seven of Spades Ace of Spades King of Clubs Four of Spades Queen of HeartsNo Draw08-16-19-27-39-4418-20-27-48-51
MB05 MP3
No Draw
05/05/2014Day: 909
Night: 583
Day: 6072
Night: 5622
02-06-15-16-24Four of Diamonds Jack of Hearts Ace of Diamonds Ace of Clubs Eight of Hearts03-06-17-31-35
No DrawNo DrawNo Draw
05/04/2014Day: 587
Night: 812
Day: 4663
Night: 6924
03-07-08-14-35PendingNo DrawNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw
05/03/2014Day: 431
Night: 670
Day: 7941
Night: 1154
09-14-20-23-31PendingNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw05-15-16-46-49
PB26 PP4
DatePlay3Play4Cash55 Card CashLucky for LifeLotto!Mega MillionsPowerball
05/02/2014Day: 492
Night: 547
Day: 6607
Night: 9842
02-17-27-32-34PendingNo Draw04-06-20-32-38-3901-18-26-35-40
MB13 MP5
No Draw
05/01/2014Day: 095
Night: 294
Day: 3011
Night: 8861
No DrawNo DrawNo Draw
04/30/2014Day: 118
Night: 155
Day: 9422
Night: 7268
06-08-22-24-30PendingNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw02-09-11-19-50
PB32 PP3
04/29/2014Day: 948
Night: 640
Day: 0121
Night: 3113
12-14-24-30-32PendingNo Draw01-07-18-27-33-3707-43-59-61-66
MB03 MP3
No Draw
04/28/2014Day: 623
Night: 989
Day: 8057
Night: 1298
No DrawNo DrawNo Draw
04/27/2014Day: 962
Night: 739
Day: 2448
Night: 1663
11-13-22-26-28PendingNo DrawNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw
04/26/2014Day: 024
Night: 152
Day: 5500
Night: 4228
09-19-21-22-29PendingNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw03-07-22-30-33
PB20 PP3
04/25/2014Day: 593
Night: 334
Day: 1307
Night: 3120
01-14-17-20-31PendingNo Draw19-27-37-40-42-4403-11-18-20-66
MB09 MP2
No Draw
04/24/2014Day: 417
Night: 936
Day: 2577
Night: 3066
No DrawNo DrawNo Draw
04/23/2014Day: 821
Night: 336
Day: 4916
Night: 2244
04-05-12-15-27PendingNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw19-25-29-36-48
PB12 PP4
04/22/2014Day: 670
Night: 934
Day: 8011
Night: 5568
02-20-26-30-33PendingNo Draw05-09-11-16-19-3202-18-19-49-50
MB01 MP3
No Draw
04/21/2014Day: 837
Night: 937
Day: 0511
Night: 3931
No DrawNo DrawNo Draw
04/20/2014Day: 449
Night: 142
Day: 9123
Night: 6020
04-17-20-25-33PendingNo DrawNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw
04/19/2014Day: 266
Night: 118
Day: 9502
Night: 8495
06-15-20-33-34PendingNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw05-06-29-35-51
PB21 PP5
DatePlay3Play4Cash55 Card CashLucky for LifeLotto!Mega MillionsPowerball
04/18/2014Day: 688
Night: 174
Day: 8800
Night: 1239
09-14-17-19-25PendingNo Draw03-09-11-12-16-2918-25-38-45-63
MB09 MP2
No Draw
04/17/2014Day: 294
Night: 637
Day: 5839
Night: 2778
No DrawNo DrawNo Draw
04/16/2014Day: 436
Night: 409
Day: 1101
Night: 7575
05-06-09-26-34PendingNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw34-39-42-44-59
PB08 PP3
04/15/2014Day: 392
Night: 768
Day: 4871
Night: 8849
01-07-17-19-24PendingNo Draw01-02-08-25-38-4404-39-46-47-70
MB13 MP3
No Draw
04/14/2014Day: 240
Night: 455
Day: 5138
Night: 1842
No DrawNo DrawNo Draw
04/13/2014Day: 292
Night: 735
Day: 2955
Night: 1575
05-06-18-23-30PendingNo DrawNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw
04/12/2014Day: 375
Night: 232
Day: 8940
Night: 3530
01-07-11-12-15PendingNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw14-26-45-54-55
PB20 PP2
04/11/2014Day: 369
Night: 408
Day: 5646
Night: 9620
08-16-28-34-35PendingNo Draw13-18-22-35-36-3903-42-44-47-57
MB08 MP5
No Draw
04/10/2014Day: 909
Night: 097
Day: 8913
Night: 8016
No DrawNo DrawNo Draw
04/09/2014Day: 039
Night: 164
Day: 8939
Night: 0025
06-11-13-18-21PendingNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw09-14-44-48-49
PB29 PP2
04/08/2014Day: 698
Night: 426
Day: 3647
Night: 9018
03-06-07-10-15PendingNo Draw05-06-10-12-28-3835-36-41-60-71
MB03 MP3
No Draw
04/07/2014Day: 879
Night: 795
Day: 7265
Night: 0591
No DrawNo DrawNo Draw
04/06/2014Day: 778
Night: 149
Day: 5587
Night: 2930
01-11-16-24-31PendingNo DrawNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw
04/05/2014Day: 613
Night: 523
Day: 3732
Night: 8926
07-10-14-21-30PendingNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw11-21-26-33-34
PB29 PP5
DatePlay3Play4Cash55 Card CashLucky for LifeLotto!Mega MillionsPowerball
04/04/2014Day: 617
Night: 361
Day: 2086
Night: 8915
03-15-23-27-31PendingNo Draw21-23-27-31-34-4001-10-15-41-54
MB09 MP2
No Draw
04/03/2014Day: 822
Night: 600
Day: 9350
Night: 6568
No DrawNo DrawNo Draw
04/02/2014Day: 176
Night: 543
Day: 1647
Night: 4965
04-06-16-34-35PendingNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw08-13-19-22-53
PB24 PP2
04/01/2014Day: 501
Night: 713
Day: 5065
Night: 0160
01-02-08-21-24PendingNo Draw17-29-32-40-43-4410-23-68-74-75
MB09 MP5
No Draw
03/31/2014Day: 162
Night: 659
Day: 6364
Night: 4889
No DrawNo DrawNo Draw
03/30/2014Day: 183
Night: 030
Day: 8699
Night: 0247
04-13-17-20-29PendingNo DrawNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw
03/29/2014Day: 004
Night: 821
Day: 8129
Night: 6829
23-26-33-34-35PendingNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw02-03-12-27-38
PB17 PP2
03/28/2014Day: 866
Night: 032
Day: 2516
Night: 9454
11-26-28-29-33PendingNo Draw20-21-22-25-36-4302-03-09-50-73
MB12 MP3
No Draw
03/27/2014Day: 795
Night: 975
Day: 5736
Night: 6036
No DrawNo DrawNo Draw
03/26/2014Day: 761
Night: 433
Day: 9366
Night: 4818
01-02-05-24-30PendingNo DrawNo DrawNo Draw28-33-41-44-59
PB21 PP2
03/25/2014Day: 847
Night: 424
Day: 7494
Night: 2607
05-14-15-27-32PendingNo Draw09-17-20-28-36-4119-26-51-57-73
MB15 MP3
No Draw
03/24/2014Day: 622
Night: 035
Day: 3914
Night: 6918
No DrawNo DrawNo Draw
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