Being Green and Saving Green
The CT Lottery is pitching in to do our part to be "environmentally proactive" and save money.  In December 2002, the CT Lottery launched an effort to clean used Instant Ticket Dispensers versus purchasing new ones.  This effort was not only the environmentally responsible thing to do, but also saved more than $600,000 to date.
The CT Lottery has also taken advantage of a Pallet Recycling program that recycles worn pallets into a finished pallet through a repair process.  Pallets are then remanufactured into standard or customized sizes and supplied back into the distribution chain.  This cost-saving measure has saved the State approximately $1,200 per month since its origin. 
The CT Lottery continues to be very mindful of being fiscally responsible, and genuinely caring about the world we live in. With that in mind, we have added to our "Green Initiatives" by teaming up with Creative Recycling Services, Inc. (CRS - a State Contract Surplus Vendor); who offers "Environmentally Preferred" Disposal Services.  CRS accepts all end-of-life electronics and recycles them into valuable commodities and circulates them back into worldwide production.
In addition, CT Lottery also participates in the "Plant a Tree for Me" program through Dell.  Plant a Tree donations help offset the estimated average carbon produced from the electricity to power electronics during average product lifetime.
In an effort to protect water quality, CT Lottery added a rain garden at our headquarters in 2008.  A rain garden is a natural or dug shallow depression designed to capture and soak up stormwater runoff from roofs, driveways, walkways, etc.  Stormwater is considered one of the main sources of water pollution nationwide.  A rain garden allows the runoff generated on the property to infiltrate into the ground and reduce potential water quality problems.
CT Lottery continues to look at every opportunity to improve our environment.  Simultaneously, CT Lottery also seeks new ways to reduce expense so that more money can be contributed to the valuable services and programs supported by the state’s General Fund.  As a part of our ongoing mission, the following items are used daily in an effort to do all that we can to preserve our environment.
  • Recycled packing envelopes
  • Recycled paper
  • Recycled paper for printing Instant Tickets
  • Paper cups and wooden stirrers for corporate functions
  • Environmentally safe cleaning/landscaping products
  • Document shredding service to conserve landfill space
  • Recyclable winner bags

CT Lottery is committed to doing all that we can to protect and preserve the integrity of our environment.  We believe that it not only makes sense...but it is also saving us a few "cents" along the way.


  Plant a Tree Certificate - CT Lottery has participated in the "Plant a Tree for Me" program through Dell.  Plant a Tree donations help offset the estimated average carbon produced from the electricity to power electronics during average product lifetime.
"A Million Ways to Go Green"

The Connecticut Lottery Corporation (CLC) strives to be environmentally friendly and cost conscious, whether it is through our energy efficiency initiatives, recycling efforts, attempts to avoid toxins where possible (cleaning products, pesticides, etc.), and other actions. This is an area that we are paying increased attention to. The CLC recognizes that our Earth’s resources are not limitless and there are countless ways, big and small, where we can help make a difference.
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